“Fallingwater” Stained Glass by Frank Lloyd Wright

It is my constant prayer that my girls will absorb, live into and share the extravagant love of Jesus.

Still, I’m seeing unique fragments of light in each girl that continues to my enjoyment and challenge me to reflect through them.  Certainly they are more than a simple one in the complexity of the kaleidoscopic design of their Creator.

Hope:  crescendo of melody

Ashlyn:  prisms of color

Megan:  intuitive intention

Kathleen:  compassionate complexion

Look, dear readers, for fragments of light in family and friends.  God wants to use you in piecing together His stained glass window of His love.

“Legacy” by Nichole Nordeman

Tuesday’s Tickle: Iced Down

For those of you that haven’t heard there is a new challenge going viral! Watch/Read about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge bellow. It is raising ALS awareness and money for the ALS association all over the country!

Ice Bucket Challenge Explanation

Look below at videos of Emily Kelty and Alyssa Yammarino (my niece):

Join the challenge and get iced! Happy Tuesday!!

The Heart of Music

Legacy when done with love I believe is not just temporal but eternal. When intention is passed down in the way they should go, a chord is struck and heard across the heavens.  It not only catches God’s ear but it composes a new melody in His heart.  As parents or grandparents we are called to live out and call forth family giftings that speak the Hands of God’s Glory.  It’s not about the “gift” it’s the intention of calling forth through the generations.  His “craft” of Hand: cooking, academia, sports, etc.  Speak it through the legacy of your children.  Watch relationship carry “strings” of Glory into eternal script that lights up the heavens and reflects into our relational lives.  Pass it on.  To Him be the glory forever and ever.  Amen.


Monday Manna Moment


How different would just one day be if we kept our hand in God’s back pocket?!?!?!

 I’ve been lost 3+ times already today.

These are his play jeans. He took you to the summer fair and bought you cotton candy!!! Then He bought you popcorn to offset the sugar. You were thirsty so he bought you a coke!!! Tummy ache in tow, He left you to your dreams.

Much Love, TWE