Sunday’s Showcase of Truth, III

This post is dedicated to my dear friend that graciously taught me how to add salt to our conversations in our Lord! I love you!

Consider inserting your name or the name of a loved one  in the verses. . .

God is waiting for you to make His love letters intimately yours. . .twe 

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His Hands. . .

Jesus’ Hand is the first Hand to touch you each morning. It is a gentle touch from His strength that rouses you into the subtle light of morning. He extends His arm to open His hand to assist you to rise into your day. Don’t rush the touch of life. . .and let your small hand rest in the rough, scarred, love healed palms of His sacrifice for you to live this day. On your feet, His Hand hovers over your head in blessing. Do you start your day bowed in blessing? Time speeds on and still. . . right at that bump, when you stumble, His hand absorbs the pain first, before the bruise reaches the flesh of your knees. Do you kneel in gratitude? Day closes and a meal is shared. His Hand is poised at His lips, waiting in silence to see if your hunger for His love surpasses the hunger of your flesh. Does it? He sees you tire and His hands turn down the sheets and smooth out the wrinkles of your day. He waits for you to finally need rest in His Hands. He has looked forward to this moment all day. When need finally surrenders yourself into His hands. “Sleep is the most trusting thing you will ever do. . .” Thank you, Vicky Benton. His Hands are the last ones to touch the sanctity of need for night. . .And He tucks you in with a warm, soft blanket folded tenderly under your chin. But His watch of hand is not yet finished. . .He sits with you as you release your day and give into sleep. Do you close your eyes in trust? He gives faith with you as yours struggles. He hopes with you for a better day tomorrow. He loves with, in and through you for the Kingdom to dim the Glory in reverence to launch a bright new day, tomorrow.

Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19

Let the water rush over your hands the next morning of your life. Where do you think the river of water comes from? The Hand Of Jesus. . .Over Yours. Today, Tomorrow and Always.

This post is dedicated to every life that has allowed my hand to touch their life.  twe

Tea Time: Old Friends/New Friends

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Tea on my porch in the early morning, where the light of Fall is trying to engage the heated stillness of Summer. I love vanilla flavored tea. My favorite is the wedding vanilla from the tea store at the mall. Just the smell will send my imagination soaring. It’s time for our birds to eat and drink the fresh water my husband pours for their bath time! I share time with an old friend and a new guest, I hope to get to know.

My old friend, I’ve had experiences with off and on for years. . .retreats, prayer time, heartfelt offerings. We’ve engaged with active service. We can talk about a summer study. We can share laughter over shared memories. We can see a tear coming in each other’s eyes, a mile away. We meet eye to eye with the honor of her presence. Our heart space is intimate. We share history in our Lord. Thank you, Father for the familiar that nudges us forward into “see, I am doing a new thing.” (Isaiah 43:19)

My new friend, is one hard to make eye contact with because she is such a uniquely different blessing in my life. I sense her depth, yet I cannot engage her in active service. I don’t know how to build a relationship with her. The quiet offering of her life calls courage to engage her with my “new kind of normal” life  (Thank you Carol Kent for your wonderful book!). Yet, I hesitate because I want to honor her too. . .And the heart space called for here has no boundaries. It is building a life of it’s own.

The two other chairs at my porch table are empty. Before you think I’ve lost my mind, this was all God’s idea. He is trying to help me integrate two friends: “humility of old” and “humility of new.” You see, I thought I knew humility through service. I was comfortable with my “foot space” at our Lord’s throne. This new friend in humility bumps love upward and outward. It offers from a life source that is not stirred by my hand. Accepting from His hand with HIS warmth still lingering in the offering, closes down my words and opens new love letters in my heart. Words, I did not even know were there.

This new friend, humility of new, is very busy behind the scenes stirring up life with love letters addressed as: friends, family, home cooked meals, legacy investments, text messages, the incredible response to Team Tracey (October ALS Walk), tearful prayers, cards, hugs, support from school and church families in a wealth of ways, offers to help drive me or the kids, warm water therapy, venues in healing prayer, generous gifts of video sessions professionally done, out of town events held to honor ALS research, “take this to Mrs.Tracey,” books on heaven, cds, and eyes that recognize the real me, still. And the depth this new humility offers. . .I cannot begin to fathom. . .And I don’t know how to draw gratitude beyond what I know. . .But the humility invites another guest at our tea time table. . .gratitude that grasps for words.

The only way I know to honor the life giving love offered from so many of you, is to find a way to embrace this humility of new to honor each and every effort you make in our regard. Our Jesus, is the very essence of humility. Each of you have introduced me into a new aspect of His Heart of Humility. “God, can you magnify these words to express our tea time to others? Take it beyond words in YOUR HONOR? Amen”

Postured small at the foot of His throne, with a heart of rich humility and giant gratitude. . Our Lord works wonders in faithfulness of His Body in Christ. Thank you! Thank you.!!  Thank you!!!

“Humility is the perfect quietness of the heart.”  Andrew Murray in His beautiful book on humility.

In God’s love and mine, twe

In The Heat of Battle


 This post is dedicated to Murphy Toerner: Who first taught me battle concepts in Kingdom Thinking.

I am not a battle kind of girl, I turn my head away from the blood shed in movies until I hear the “soft/sweet music” transition in and then I peek through opened fingers to see if it is safe to come out.

One of the quotes I’m learning to live by is . . .

“Be kinder than necessary because everyone is in some kind of battle.”

(Author unknown, if you know who it is, please inform me!)

It seems God believes me battle ready because here I am battling for life.  I was reminded of this concept again this week with my girls as I bandaged their scrapes from life and touched them with healing prayer. I thought of the insight God gave me one day while I was serving at church for a woman’s ministry function.

Everything slowed down in my perceptions and I heard God say, “Don’t you see their woundings?”  “But God, they are all smiling, laughing and seem quite happy being busy,” I said.  God shook His head and said, “Ah ~ it is not as it seems.  Some of them are bleeding profusely from an argument, some of them are tending minor scratches from terse facial expressions and a few of them have had spiritual surgery under my Hand.  If you could see the blood of their life woundings, would you respond differently to them?”  “Well of course,” I said confidently, (that’s obvious, right?),” I’d go right to them and ask what happened and offer to bandage their woundings!  I would express comfort and love with touch. I would not let them stand in front of me dripping blood!”

“The blood shed is wide spread and right in front of your eyes,” said the Lord. “Bandage the wounded.” “Be a stretcher bearer for those who can no longer stand.”  “Be the healing hand for those recovering from the sword of my Truth on their life.”  God proclaimed with great emotion and continued with rising passion. . .”The heat of battle is meant to sear hearts for Kingdom Victories.”  “So get in there and stop peering through trembling hands.”  “There is work to be done.”  I thought, God you do have a way of cutting right to the point!  Not thinking, He could hear my thoughts, He then said, “Yes, your word puns are cute and He winked at me through the computer keys.”

His demeanor sombered. . . “Swords have been drawn. . .pick up your shield. . .you are going to have to do more than just write about it” (He looked right at me or should I say, He looked right through me.)

On my knees, with the “sword of the Spirit in my hands.”  twe

Ephesians 6:17, 2 Samuel 22:36

Horizon Hit: Movie Recommendation

We went to see a wonderful film.  (I only give what I consider great movies the word, “film.” ) The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Great for families, but most importantly this film is just plain good for your heart.  It shows love at it’s best. . .unique. . .honest. . .present. . .and love given away for life in others.  This film offered the simplistic but profound life of love: a Christ-like love.  I’m not sure if it is still out, but if not, watch for it to rent. This is one film I want to buy to watch again and again.