Prescript:  Several months ago a precious young couple with a blossoming family, asked Bucky and I what really matters in life?  I’ve written a response to Jessica and Scott Gaspard, in several “answers” to what really matters in my day to day life. . .Affirmations was the first “answer” to their question. . .Hope you enjoy. . . You may notice it is under the category of “Kingdom Play.”  What really matters?  That we play together as children in God’s  Kingdom, with awe, reverence, wonder and belief in Him and each other. . .So I toss the ball to you. . .twe                    Affirmations

*Hold your husband’s face, look him in the eyes and tell him,

“I felt loved well when you . . .”  “Thank you for being my husband.”

Come down to your child’s level, look him/her in the eyes and tell them,

“God’s child, . . . . . . ., God will really take you places with your . . . . . . . .

(servant’s heart, with your bright smile, with your sense of humor, with your attention to detail, with your integrity, with your prayerful posture, with your resislancy, with your drive to exellence. . .)

*Give a hug that reflects that person’s value in Christ and in you life!!!

*Look into a friend’s face and say, “One reason I love you being with you is because you bring. . . . .into my life.”

*Write or send one note or email of encouragement per week. . .it may be the only positive thing they hear all month. . .

*Notice a becoming color and tell the girl or woman how it reflects their eyes, cheeks, etc.. . .

*Be creative.  Celebrate acheivements with dinners out, you are special plates at dinner, etc.

*Put a loving note in your child’s lunch, bookpack, computer or your husband’s shirt pocket. . . “I’m so proud of how you. . .”

*Tuck Scripture on a young adult’s dash board or inside their phone

*Tell someone, “You make a difference in my life because you. . . .”

*Speak into growth areas to build momentum

*“I’ve noticed you are really growing in how you. . . . .”

*“Wow, what Kingdom potential in the way you. . . . .”

*Play the hang up game:

As you hang up the phone, delay the disconnect just long enough to murmur

a sweet thing about the person. . . “that was so kind of her” “she is so much fun”, etc.

(They may or may not hear, but God hears your heart for them :))
Same game applies to drive up windows!!!

*Touch like you mean it. . .

*God delights in you, find a way to express delight in someone today. . .

*Be specific.  Tell why. . . . Not just “good job.”

*Always begin prayer for somone with praise for who they are in Christ

*Leave a note or red balloon on someone’s car: anoymously

*Receive affirmations:  Let it go in as deeply as you can.  You need it in places you cannot even see. . .

*Tell hubby or bestfriend, that is my favorite shirt on you!

*Use the “Murphism,” let this go in as deep as you can, into dry places that need affirmations

*Compliment a stranger. . .

*Love when there is no response. . .

*Practice unconditional listening, that alone is a huge affirmation

*More to come. . . . . . . . . . . .Isn’t God intentional???

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