Beautiful Truth

Beautiful Truth

I wrestled, for two hours, with God last night. I wanted the Key He held in His Hand. I was pressing in hard to know why He had allowed a circumstance to play out as He did. It was deep processing and the longer we went at it, the more aware I became of His strength and my increasing weakness. Honestly, it was the dry kind of pain that is so desert like that maybe only one or two tears slipped through. . .Finally, He allowed me to see. . .that I put too much significance on “events.” He showed me John the Baptist and the weight of Glory in preparation for Christ Moments. I had the weight of Glory reversed (if only in this instance). . .Preparation with His Hand presses out the “red carpet of love” preceding the event. . .Actual events are usually so quick (such as weddings) that it is only a closing to the preparation process. The preparation is the journey to get to the destined door where most of the God workings took place. The “event” is like putting the key in the lock and opening the door. So God finally gently placed this beautiful key in the open palm of my tired hand and I felt Him saying. . .”Take your eyes off the “events” in your life and watch and weigh the Glory workings in preparation.” It’s a shift in perspective I’m still struggling with today. I’m pressing into preparation as a perspective to better know my Lord. What are you pressing into today?

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