ALS Update #1


But He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.

2 Cor 12:9

Dear Readers,

Some of you know me well enough to want to know how we are doing with this ALS challenge.  In your interest, what I’d like to have tea with each of you and just have a conversation face to face.  Oh well, not enough time for that 😦 and my speech is an effort!  So this is a way I can graciously thank you for your interest and keep you with me on my journey.

You will notice I won’t talk about it much, nor will I allow it to “taint” this BLOG in any way.  Let’s see how can I say this, honesty.  It impacts every cell of my life, but it does not define any moment of my life in my Christ.  I am whole and full of HIS life, even more so now than I was over a year ago.  I get bored with this ALS aspect of things and like to get to the important things: How we live, love and reflect HIS GLORY in OUR KINGDOM play.

So here is our update.  I am messy glory!  My emotions are up and down because I am so passionate about life and the way I live and love is vulnerable.  My spirit life, is growing one step up the mountain at a time, with some falls. . .in between!  I get mad, disappointed and ready to break things. . .And then just when I am so ready to say. . .”Enough, Lord.”  He steps in and rescues me with love that colors outside the lines!  I see HIS redemptive Glory all around me in various ways and with my precious family.  I get so tired, but rest is very good for me and I sleep long hours (ALS: 24/7 physical marathon): 10 to 12 hours every night on a vpap machine.  He pulls me up each morning by my boot straps, very slowly! (Well, it is usually Bucky’s hand. . .but that is the LORD’S HAND in my life!) Physically, Most of my weakness is in my legs.  Makes walking difficult.  I am still walking but taking longer distances in a wheel chair.  My speech is a huge challenge. I cannot talk for long and have to really work the sounds.  Being a speech therapist is probably the only reason people can make out anything I’m saying, so that training has been such a blessing. My respiratory system seems strong, my asthma complicates things at times.

We are working on a few house changes to accommodate a wheelchair in the future.  My head and heart are just as active and engaged as I have ever been, if not more so because I’ve lost the. . .I take for granted in every corner of my world. . .I am on heavy vitamins and the best investment in my health is my water therapy.  Women’s fitness center has a “Forward Motion” program with a warm water therapy pool.  I can move my legs in the water and get healthy blood and stimulation while keeping my core strong.  Alanna Williams is my exercise therapist (she created the program) and she is a constant source of encouragement to me.  Thank YOU, Alanna!  I would recommend it to anymore with muscle pains, weakness, or healing from surgeries, etc.  It is very gentle, effective exercise!  Link follows with permission. . .


It relaxes me and, no surprise to many us, the water, living water of our Lord, brings life to my emotions, my spirit and my body.  My next visit to Houston, Dr. Appel and a check up is first of November. Next update will about our family 🙂

This is not meant to be polished writing, we are just having tea (and brownies of course) across the table from each other and talking.  As I make updates, it will be under the category. . .”TeaTime”  Thank you for reading and keeping us in your prayers.  You, my readers are the greatest blessing of this blog. . .(color comes in a close second, of course!)  TWE

4 thoughts on “ALS Update #1

  1. Bob Marshall says Hey this blog is not fair I have been stressed out to the max lately-business is slow but the bills are coming in fast, my employees are driving me crazy and besides that my left hip has been hurting for weeks.I am so stressed out everyone is pissing me off and I am taking more antacids than walgreens can keep on the shelve. Then you send out this stupid blog and now I guess I have to realize that my problems are not really that big in the big scheme of life. I was just getting used to feeling sorry for my self and then Little Miss Sunshine comes along with this blog. Thanks a lot for messing up my pitty party I was having. Hang in there Tracey-keepfighting and keep enjoying your family.I know we have not seen you in a while but you and your family are still in our prayers. Now I guess I have to go to work today and be in a good mood. Thanks for the blog and remember I do not like nuts in my brownies

  2. Thank you Tracey for sharing over a cup of tea and brownies. This way is much less fattening! I am thrilled that you are able to share your journey this way and hopefully it is less tiring for you than
    having to talk face-to-face or over the phone to so many concerned friends. The updates are helpful for me as I pray for specific events or needs.

    The blog is fantastic and is a bright spot in my day. I look forward to each entry. Keep up the amazing work! As always, my prayers are with you each and every day. XOX

    • Dear Claudia. Thank you for responding in such a heartfelt way. I am truly enjoying the visual images and journaling to our Lord’s call. (And sometimes a little bit of mine!) I’m grateful for you reading! Means a lot to me. XO back, twe

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