Happy Birthday to You. . .

“See, I AM DOING A NEW THING! Now it springs up; Do you not perceive it?”  Isaiah 43:19

Good Morning!  I woke up this morning, hearing our Lord, singing Happy Birthday to You.  Groggy from the deep sleep ALS brings, I did not even know what the date was. . .”But, Lord. . .It is not my birthday or anyone here. . .what is up?”  He just smiled!  (I have a precious friend that is helping me with ALL these beautiful images and she prefers to remain anonymous). . .and I saw this picture in my head and this Scripture.  So here we have it and here we go with the Lord. . .

I could see Him decorating for a birthday party.  And He kept telling me, “See, I am doing a NEW THING. Do you not see?!!”  I saw Him busy stringing beautiful lights and preparing for His special guests. (Doesn’t He have angels for this kind of thing? No, He likes to do things by hand for you and me!) The side doors were open into an intimate garden courtyard outside the palace. And I thought, I don’t know what we are celebrating. . . .Now I have only a glimpse. . .Today is my mothers birthday. September 13, she would have been 91 years old.  My hands dropped from the keyboard, and I sat in quiet, amazed awe.  I was totally unaware today was the 13th!  Of course I remember her birthday, but my life navigates around days of the week, not so much dates.

And then I felt Him say more. . .”There is more. . .everyday is a birthday.” Today is a day of a new thing being birthed in your life. In a believers life, everyday is a celebration of a new thing!!!  Everyday in our life of the Lord, HE wants us to see what calls for a party.  (I’m not tailing about pity parties! LOL) Notice, He does not say, new BIG thing or new minimal thing. . .So we need to allow our Lord to define new and not expect to win the lottery) 🙂

Let’s be aware and SEE today and tomorrow and the new thing He is doing in our life.  Don’t wait for a birthday to celebrate. New things in our Lord call for open doors, twinkle lights, favorite foods, sparkling juices, the hum of delightful conversations, the peaks of precious laughter and the mingle of the Holy Spirit doing His thing among us.  Right here in bed, in my pjs, I’m ready for a party!   I’m not sure what new thing He is doing in my life. . .but I sense our Lord is up to something!!! I know that I know that I know it is worth celebrating! A new something in your life?  Absolutely! No doubt! That is Who our Lord is. . .He is a party animal! (I mean that with the greatest of reverence and HOLY HONOR! It is my “language with Him” and yes it is often fun!)  So what new thing will we celebrate in your life?

This post is dedicated to my mother, who graciously gifted me with my passion for word play.  I love you mom!  Happy Birthday, Melba Smith Warren!  I suspect, you don’t “look 91” in heaven!  Mom, enjoy His party for you!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to You. . .

  1. I would like to use the image, “See I am doing a new thing …” for a nonprofit organization card. Can you tell me if it is copyrighted or if it is free and in the public domain? Thank you.

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