Eden, by Phil Wickham

My song recommendation today is Eden by Wickham.  Some of my favorite lyrics, “. .I wanna be in Eden. . .I remember how you called my name and I would meet you at the garden gate. . .My hands can reach the heaven before me. ..In a sweet town full of innocent rain. . .”

6 thoughts on “Eden, by Phil Wickham

  1. Tracey, Your blog is beautiful, thoughtful, and inspiring. You are obviously gifted with words. I look forward to future postings.

  2. Tracey, June used to come over to visit when we lived in Lafayette. We have kept in contact thru Facebook. I love reading your blog. Love you. Lucie

  3. Hi Tracey,
    Lucie gave me the link to your blog and I’m so grateful. You obviously have a personal relationship with our Lord, that many of us are still working on. Your thoughts are very comforting and I very much appreciate your postings. Your mom and dad would be very proud of you. I knew them when there was no Tracey and after there was a Tracey! My father taught where your father taught, many, many moons ago. Some of us, former Ragin Cajuns, have you and your family in our prayers. My prayer is for your continued strength and our mutual belief that through Him, all things are possible! You are an inspiration!

    • Hi June, Thank you for your kind comments and I appreciate your interest and prayers. I enjoy sharing encouragement in our Lord. Thank you for the comments on my mom and dad. I rarely meet anyone that knew them and when I do, it is a double blessing. I hope they would be proud. The Lord and I are bringing as much dignity, hope and life to this as I can through HIM. Blessings Back to you. tee

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