Prescript:  This is Part II, in my answer to the Gaspard family, on what really matters. . .

*A child writing with a pencil, do you see the miracle of the hand and mind working together?

*Tentative hands take the wheel of the car, do you see the need for independance grow stronger than fear?

*A friend visits a sick friend, do you see one moving out of her comfort zone to reach into another’s day?

*Light a candle and feel the warmth?

*What if he/she is giving YOU their best?  When are you gonna let them off the hook?

*A puppies head in the wind, .do you see the freedom God intends for you?

*Do you see beyond down the down cast eyes in your day, asking, “Will you even notice me?”

*If you see a rainbow, does it remind you of God’s promise?

*When a child laughs, do you wonder what that laughter will sound like perfected in heaven?

*Study the hand that serves you: really see the wonderful intricacies of all the bones and muscles and how it tirelessly lifts, applauds, waves, opens, closes, claps, graps, pats, holds and let’s go when it’s time?

See the prismatic properties of a tear and imagine what God sees and the bottle He holds to collect each one?

*Do you see the grown child hesitate at the home threshold to take part of home with them?

*The growing pains of waiting on someone because they are worth it?”

*An old tree filters sun rays to soften the light from God’s hand?

*Do you hear a clock chime and realize how precious time really is?  Use if for the Lord.

*Does the taste of warm bread and butter make you close your eyes in goodness?

*Does Worship music make your feet want to move to celebrate God?

*Are you aware of “communion opportunities” in conversations?

*Do you see Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the candle with 3 wicks?

*Consider the Holy Trinity as a “party” waiting to happen when you show up?

*How big is the God space when a baby or child slips their finger or hand into yours?

*Kneel by a bed side and pray for the sleeping love covered there?

*What if you heard God’s voice, on that person’s behalf, say “Will you forgive?”

*Dinner by candlelight?  After kids are asleep, walk in with candlelight and say a prayer

*Rub the feet of your husband or your children and remind them they walk in the footsteps of Christ

(Be BOLD and use a little annointing oil :))

*How fragile trust really is?”

*Sunshine on your shoulders. . .

*Can your drink His truth into the dry places of your heart?

*Do you look for the sacred in the secular?  Such as Movies?

*Do you see the liquid Glory in the eyes that meet yours?”

“Are you aware of the healing in a loving touch?

*Are you aware of your “calling” on your life? A calling on your day? A calling on your moment?

*Do you listen to the noises of life in your house, and hear how your loved ones move and have their being in our Lord?”

*Feel the scary risk of a friend’s honesty?

*Experience the freedom of wind in your hair?

*The faithfulness of a car pulling up in your driveway?

*Share your favorite lotion with a friend?

*Watch an old black and white film and appreciate what color brings to your life?

*Read a familiar Bible Verse, and ask God for a new perspective?

More to come. . .

Let's Talk. . .

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