He Loves Me. . .He Loves Me Not. . .


Do you remember that little girl?  Did you ever say those words to yourself or dare to speak them out loud? We so wanted to be deeply loved as children.  We still so desperately, need to be loved. . .Those childhood feelings came so easily. . .awe quick to rise, wonder with the little things, trust innocent to betrayal, love free to play, faith free to grow, hope free to move. What a blessing it was to raise 4 lovely, little girls and watch those precious phases pass through their development. . .and my prayers today recapture those future heart places for them as they mature into their “child like” selves again.

I had a dear friend challenge and speak into my life with hers just yesterday. . .”Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3 Her life spoke the beautiful simplicity of a child of faith. And God “spoke” to me of the complications I put into hope, faith and love. “Your level of trust limits what I can do in your life.”  So, I want to rise into a child the Kingdom welcomes with open arms.  I want my little froggy friend from my backyard again. I want the sky to draw me into it’s blue canvas. I want the fort in the neighbor’s bushes to be my castle. I want to climb into new houses up to the second story swinging my legs over the edge to make it mine. I want to ride bareback and hold onto a horses mane. I want the most popular boy in high school to ask me to roller skate under the glitter ball for that special “skate.” I want to swing as high as my legs will take me and then jump as far as I can go to feel that moment of free flight! I want to read and reenter the land of Narnia as a child. I want:  faith free to grow, hope free to move and love free to play.  If I could do what I want right now, I would sit in a sunny, cool meadow and create a crown of daises just for you. Pull the first petal, He loves you.  You can stop there. . .as HIS child you have a life full of promise!!!  twe

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