A Shutter in Time




Feet rush, falter,

Camera swings at rounded hip.

 The noise and clatter,

A full nest left behind.

 Water gently licks the silken sand,

Packed from joyful play of warm bodies.

 Wave and salt air hush,

Giving center stage to the horizon.

 The dolor of blaze drops silently –

Into the eye’s finite line of water’s edge.

 There is no earthly reign to

Slow the descent of dimming day.

 The color of twilight takes its distance,

Into a humble, quiet closing.

 We stand, you and I, awed,

 Our time together ticks away.

 Light shared, by many,

In the turning of time.

 Budding Dusk in bloom,

Captured by a shutter in time.

 Tracey Warren Elofson,  March 2004, Post dedicated to my husband, Bucky, and our steps in the sand 🙂

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