What Are You Waiting For?

Just a few facts: Have you noticed how waiting makes us “tight?” Hard to squeeze anything into the tight space we leave in ourselves, 😉
Average wait time per day: 45 to 65 minutes
Average wait for a 70 year life span: 3 years
BibleGateway.com search revealed 142 key word results for “wait” from Genesis to Jude

Light Waiting??? Traffic? We hope they clear the accident soon, do we even think about the injured? Grocery Store? We hope we beat that person with a full buggy into the line! Drive Through Service? We hope all the people stuffed in the car ahead of us did not place an order! Pumping Gas? We hope this is a quick fill up! Water Boiling yet? We hope we can get dinner on the table before the cranky, tired crew rolls in. Your computer slows down? We hope turning if off and on again will make it a quick fix! Phone line busy? We hope we remember to try and call back. Line at the Post Office? We hope that niece we never met will appreciate the wait we had to mail her a doll she outgrew last year. Red Traffic Light? We hope to squeeze through a yellow one. Broken traffic light, officer directing car through? We don’t hope, our head demands, it’s my turn. Your car is in the shop? We hope they fix it since this is the 3rd time for same issue. Line at drive in pharmacy pick up and the line is so long, you feel like you are going to die of a common cold before you can get to the window 🙂 We hope we feel better, like yesterday. Why don’t they text back immediately? We don’t hope here either, it’s immediate feedback or nothing. All these try our patience, and on a “bad” day. . .I’ve seen church members get outdone when a handicapped van slowed their entrance down. I’m not judging, but I think we are to ask ourselves. . .How do we wait on the “little things?” I’m going to be pretty direct, one day in a rushed state, I heard God say, “You sure are taking yourself pretty seriously. Is the world gonna fall down if you are a few minutes behind or you don’t get that last task done?” Can we make it Kingdom time? With grace or a smile or let someone in front of you at the grocery store (especially if they have kids), turn on a Worship song and watch the light turn green “fast,” pray for the car in front of you at the pharmacy, maybe they are fighting for their life while you fight the “common cold.” Roll down your window and tell the officer directing traffic, thank you. We don’t really need “hope” but we use that word in these circumstances don’t we? I do! Is it hope or just a shift in perspective we need in our fast paced world?

How different would God’s world be if we invested those minutes with Kingdom value?

Heavy Waiting??? The doctor has not called back with the test results and now you have to wait over the weekend :(. Your child is an hour late getting home. Your husband said he would call when he got to the out of town conference. Your getting a three hour long CT Scan. Your child is running a fever and you are waiting for the office to open in the morning to make an appointment. Your spouse is in the hospital in pain and it will take the meds 20 minutes to ease his suffering. Your baby is in surgery. You are in an accident and waiting for an ambulance. The hurricane is barreling down right on top of your city. Waiting to tell your wife you’ve lost your job. Or tell your husband, your child is in jail. I feel sick to my stomach over any of these. These are the “waits” that turn every minute into sheer torture. Oh, the pain, waiting can bring, until we feel like we are coming out of our skins. I don’t do “heavy waits” well. Oh, how I try. I hear the call, I feel the Truth of waiting “in hope”. . .not with hope, not on hope, not through hope, but inside hope for the Lord. He is gonna show up in hope. God is going to show himself in the way of hope. Jesus is going to give life in the way of hope. The Holy Spirit is going to comfort and instruct in the way of hope.

So, now I leave you with a question, the same question I wrestle with. . .Can we allow God to define “hope?” Can we wait in hope for the Lord when feel our hearts pound out fear? Can we wait in hope for the Lord when time stands still? Can we wait in hope for the Lord when we feel like an elephant is sitting on our chest? I believe we can and will wait in hope, yet still have feelings.

The “wait” of my Kingdom life is about “hope” in my Lord, not what I feel.

Abba Father, Help us to wait in the light and the heavy things. We want to make Kingdom investments with our daily moments in a shift of perspective. We want to make Kingdom investments with our “waits” in your hope. We grow only though your hand. Amen

Tea Time: Walk With Me

An ALS walk was held in our region, this past Saturday. We had a Team Tracey participate to raise awareness of this disease and funds for research. I am overwhelmed by the response of family and friends. There is rare extravagance we are just not meant to grasp!!! It’s beyond our hand, our heart and the response belongs to God. God alone can invest that kind of love, support, compassion and generosity.

So, the posture of my hands are open to splash all of this goodness right back at you God. You used hands and feet to reflect your goodness in the land of the living. And as much as I HATE everything about this disease, I’ve experienced more of God’s goodness and love than I knew could exist here in our earthly home. Each and everyone of you who prayed, who loved, who attended details I know of nothing, who bundled your little ones against the cold, (our youngest walker was 3 months), who walked, showed up early to set up tents, donated coffee, donuts, balloons and ribbons. All of you are amazing!

I cried, I laughed, I struggled to absorb what had a life of it’s own. The walk had a life of it’s own. Each person, each family added it’s unique dimension that created complex glory that reflected the way our Lord loves. . .Beautiful Life in Him. We celebrated life. BIG LIFE in our Lord and in each other!

Special thanks to all of you who participated in any way. Even Kathleen’s friend, Jennifer, from Belgium. My husband, Bucky who ran with it, Bucky’s office staff, Stacy, Lindsay, Marlene: who made it a labor of love, Jane: who made it her “mission” to make it special, Susan and Allyson who took pictures. (You will see a few of Allyson’s pictures here!)

Lastly, Guess what God did? Our Team Tracey won “Most Spirited!” The Holy Spirit showed up in grand style! And that is all of you!!! Thank you is so inadequate!!! My heartfelt gratitude is also not even close! So please accept an investment in God’s Kingdom!!! Today’s total (still growing), FAR beyond our Goal, all by individual donor generosity: $$$12,850. Since some of you have asked: Email contact family and friends will receive a link to see and order pictures from the walk.  Also, we go back to Houston for a medical check up Nov. 7 and 8th. Please pray for encouragement and strength. The trip is always hard. Much love ~

Psalm 27:13-14
I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.


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Sunday’s Showcase of Truth VII

This post is dedicated to Kathleen’s growth in God’s Word. She selected your slideshow today 🙂

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Brush With Eternity

(Image from: refrainfromtheidentical.com  By JoDeeLuna)

This Post is Dedicated to porch time with my brother, Toby.


Crisp silence of cool air at first blush,
Gently rocks our dreaming flock awake,
Rare swirls of wind encircle in a hush.

Heavens dance in caress of rays turned gold,
Hint of color hidden in the turn of season,
Pinion shaped moment helpless to hold.

Brush of feathers lift us into the light,
Sapience tickles our souls with truth,
Wings turn into the updrafts of flight.

Spirit defies the weighted dust of world,
Edge of eternity blaze the distant horizon,
Plume’s width of love’s span unfurled.

Tracey Warren Elofson, September, 2004

Goliath Are You Out There?

(Picture from: http://www.mgb-home.de/D-Goliath.jpg)

This post is dedicated to all our servicemen and women that have sacrificed in service in the name of freedom for our county.  Thank you.

1 Samuel 17: 45 David said to the Philistine, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. 46 This day the Lord will deliver you into my hands, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head. This very day I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds and the wild animals, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel. 47 All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.”

Friends, there are some BIG circumstances out there. Abuse, trauma, death, terminal health issues, divorce to name just a few. Those all qualify for a Goliath label and then some!!! (God never wastes the pain, but I am so sorry for your hurt!)  Unfortunately we “look up to them” just that way. I’m small, you are BIG. If we are honest, do we enter with our God and 5 smooth stones? I tremble and ask someone to pray for me and hope someone will throw a stone on my behalf. I’m not a warrior, battle terrifies me. (And if you are smart, it would scare you too. . .life/death we are talking right?) I’m sure many of you have great courage as you battle with your Lord and His Truth. I’m a “scardy cat,” no doubt.

Victory is our Lord’s and His Truth stands on it. . . That is the win! That is my daily center with hard life things. Last night I heard a God conversation forming, with that “language” that can only be HIS Kingdom Voice. He said, “Goliath? You are operating like ALS is your Goliath.” “Well, I mean no disrespect my Lord, but it seems pretty obvious to me.” He whispered, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, sound familiar?” ‘Okay,” I said, “Point made. I’m tired of fighting this ALS Goliath.” He looked me right in the eyes and said, “You are fighting the wrong giant.” He continued, “Your Goliath is your fear Tracey. I’m working with the disease, but what really ‘cowers you’ is the fear.” My little white flag of surrender rose sheepishly. He laughed with that sweet understanding chuckle He uses with me and said, “I do not want you to surrender, dear love. Fight the true enemy. . .fight the fear.” “It’s too big God!” I whispered. He opened His “Storybook” and said, “Walk with me again through here (see our past footsteps there). . .I want you to visit with my friend, David.” “May we sit, Lord, my legs get tired?” I puffed in exhaustion. “Of course, a place for you right here, in my lap.” I feel asleep while He read to me in peace. Goliath was down for the night.

I woke this morning with the quote, “We are often our own worst enemy.” May I ask you? Who is your Goliath? Really? We are created to battle with God  and 5 smooth stones.  May I suggest for consideration. . .Is the circumstance the giant?  I’m sure it is BIG and I am not minimizing it or your pain, struggle or frustration. But our thought life, our false beliefs what we “tell ourselves” to cope. . .There are giants there!  After you discern your giant. . .What would your stones be?  I’d love to dialogue with you. . .on this. . .leave comments on your 5 smooth stones. . . Today, Mine would be. . .

5 Smooth Stones to fight my fear, today:  1. Courage. 2. Faith. 3. Legacy 4. Focus 5. Aim

 Your GIANT today?  And your 5 smooth stones???

Horizon Hit: Great Internet Shopping Site

Ten Thousand Villages. A Fair Trade Retailer.
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Cool, different handmade items would make great Christmas gifts and help artists in developing countries! How fun to give and bless these people!