“Young Ones”. . .Thank you

This post is dedicated to the young ones, who have allowed me the honor to “speak,” often subtle, small ways, just a little encouragement along the way. . .what a privilege it is just to know each of you as friends in Christ. . .Adria, Ali, Amanda, Amy, Angi, Arlys, Holland, Jamie, Jennifer, Jessica, Ladies in Waiting, Bible Study, Logan, Nicole, Onalise, Rebecca, Tiffinie, Tracy. . .And I have a tiny hope that there a few more of you out there, I’m not aware of, that a word or two, lifted you to our Lord if our paths crossed. . . Follow through to the end. . .Closing image is my gift, through our LORD to you today.  If we’ve had a life-giving exchange through our Lord let me know. . .I’d love to call you a “young one” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a fun bike ride, through the mountains on a crisp, cool Autumn day to be with you!!! Keep riding, I’ll see you at the top. . .What a view of HIS Glory!!! We’ve got purple flowers to pick and bring home to grace your table.


 Window of youth;

Crown, bent to graceful arch.

Strain of form-

Gives way to transparent beauty.

Weighted clouds tear-

Streaming along narrow ledge.

Surface prisms float ,

Reflecting spectrum above.

Moment of stillness comes-

Air calms, damp from tender rain.

Dust settles.  All is washed.

Restored and ready.

Drawn inward, embraces-

Pleasing wind.

Cools and captivates,

Nothing untouched.

Gentle breeze carries more-

Blossoms richly fragrant;

Delightful, familiar bouquet,

Pores drink precious balm.

Transcendent panes capture-

Light radiant from the Son.

Welcomes evening beam-

Soul soaked with warmth.

Open eyes to see-

Amity in architecture,

Framework of my heart;

Eternally changed.

Tracey Warren Elofson, 2004

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