What’s Stopping You?

This post is dedicated to each and every friend, I love each of you and am so grateful for our life in Him!

Friendship.  It’s a ship we are created for. . .Three Best Friends. . .Sailing Through Life. . .Father/Son/Holy Spirit. . .And we are created for that fellowship with each other.  Let that sink in if you’ve not thought of it before. . .If we were honest, how many of us would confess, we are afraid of friendship.  There is no marriage contract. . .We are free to come or go as we please.  (Slow your eyes just a bit to consider this. . .) Friendship is a relationship without a door on the hinges. Okay, so that’s scary. Ugh!  Makes me feel that my stomach is dropping in a roller coaster ride.

What’s stopping you?  What’s stopping us from the friendship for which we are created?  Fear of rejection?  Fear of misunderstanding? More importantly what are you missing not following up on a “lead” from God?  Love Well.  It is vulnerable. . .and they may not respond. . .but Murphy Toerner once told me. . .”You are looking into the wrong set of eyes.”

She said, “Look over his/her eyes into the proud eyes of your LORD standing behind them.” Over time, I am learning the “love” I offer is a circle.  It moves from my Papa,Lord, through me into another and through them into my Lord.  (Slow your eyes down again, please.) Love from and to our Godhead. . .it will never get any safer than that.  That is as good as it gets here.  So, I’ll close and keep this short and sweet.  What’s stopping you?  Is it your expectations?  Place them with your Lord and let your offerings of friendship go. . .Show up at the threshold of someone’s life with an armful full of love and make your offering a gift with NO strings attached. . .And then watch, in time, how God will use it in YOUR life and in the LIFE of ANOTHER 😉  With discernment, not fear, follow your friendship leading. . .It speaks volumes of the Trinity and volumes of life.  “Amity in Architecture” to change your heart forever. . .Yes, you might get hurt/disappointed, but your heart will expand it’s territory and you will never be the same in love. . .Isn’t that the point here? Love?

What about an armful of friendship roses?  Why not?  What’s stopping you?

The Following Image Original Photogragh: Rona Black:


2 thoughts on “What’s Stopping You?

    • This email was sent to Ms.Rona Black today:
      Dear Rona,
      Thank you for commenting on my Blog about your photograph and handling it so kindly.
      I found the image just floating on the internet as an image of yellow roses and it was not tied to your photography site in anyway. I’m glad to know where it came from, and obviously I admire your lense to the world. Thank you for adding to the beauty of our world. I apologize if you thought I pulled the image without permission, it just appeared in the mix of internet images that popped up. Thank you for sharing it with me, I will go back and give your site credit on the entry asap.

      Tracey Elofson

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