Pocket of Possibilities: Mistakes

This post is dedicated, oddly, to my mistakes, past, present and future. Now we know I’m crazy, cause I don’t even want to think about them. . .but God has used them to call forth greatness in the people around me. I have received the grace, love and intimacy that comes with their responsive maturity in Christ. Thank you!
What IF??? Mistakes/Sin/Wrong Choices (after repentance and consequences) are opportunities?

What IF we get stuck in the “act of wrong?”

What IF we do no know to move forward into the possibilities of. . .

1. Honest Prayer

2. Transparent Conversations

3. Great Grace

4. Framing Forgiveness

5. Unconditional Love

Consider the reality of extending that God-given perspective with your child, your husband or wife, your best friend, a harsh stranger, etc. The possibilities are in your pocket. Will you pull one out today?

It might make a Kingdom of Difference in someone’s life: Neither of you will ever be the same.

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