Horizon Hit: Kimberly and Alberto Rivera: “Just Begun”

This post is dedicated to our Lord‘s creativity and the sacred imagination HE gives each of us to experience HIS Glory while in our earthly realm 😉

Good Morning dear readers. . .I know the concepts/challenges of yesterday’s “waiting” post had that hard edge of life to it. It there was anything offensive in it, please forgive. . .I just want our perspectives to grow in sensitivities that build Kingdom Understandings. (That’ s my heart!) So today, it’s time for Manna. The nourishment and soft, goodness of the Kingdom. I believe with all my heart that God gives each of us a sacred imagination that gives us glimpses behind the veil into His Glory. So I share with you this link that has the potential to awaken that sacred place in all of us that yearns for heaven. Enjoy, soften and allow the colors and lyrics to penetrate your heart. Our God is so good, so good in His Hand and we have only “Just Begun” to seek. . .know. . .experience HIS Glory. My love and GOD’s Goodness. Be blessed. . . love, twe

“Get ready to live. . .”    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiCkvA8gwjg

Artwork by Dolores De Velde



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