Ladle Up His Light With God’s Love :)

This Post is dedicated to you cooks: ladle up love in your kitchen! Ronnie Bourgeois

Do we really know how dark this world is?

Do we really know how dark another’s inner world is?

Do we really know how much difference a ladle of light served today would make?

Well, what do you think? I don’t think we can fathom the realities of those places. We don’t have to understand them to make a Kingdom of Difference in them! Let’s come up with creative/fun ideas on how to ladle up light with God’s love!!! Do you have any suggestions? Sure you do, add them to my list!

  • *Email a Scripture on joy and tell the person, you bring His joy into my life when you. . .
  • *Double that soup recipe and bring it to a friend just because. . .
    *Mail a snail mail card each week that someone touches/holds in their hands from you. . .
    *Look for His Light in another and tell them. . .
    *Look Up/Share Matthew 5:15
    *Drop a candle at someone doorstep (anonymously) and say. . .”You Light Up My Life with. . .”
    *Pick out a small, special lamp, (energy efficient LOW wattage/15watts) and leave it on 24/7 to remind you: God’s light remains
    *Stand in the Sonshine: Soak it up. Don’t move, except to turn your face into the Light.
  • *Catch an angle of light with your camera lens
  • *Send a happy text. . .
  • *Read/Share 1Thessalonians 5:5
    *Open a window. . .Let the liquid Sonshine in. . .Breathe Deeply
    *Look up images of light on the internet, share your favorite with us!
    *Make your first thought at morning’s light: One of gratitude
    *Smile at a stranger, genuinely. . .What if that is the only smile they receive all day?
  • *Get a prism, Hang it in a window. . .And with the wonder of a child of light. . .How does your God play with His Light in your Life?
  • *Open every curtain in your house. Does it look different to you?*

Let’s see just how long we can make our ladle of light list go? Submit. . .Submit. . .Submit. . .The Ladle is in your hand. . .:) Your turn in Kingdom Play. . .

Let's Talk. . .

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