Special Dedication! Happy Birthday Dear Lu! It’s Celebration Day!

Dedicated to the dear love and devotion Lu, you have poured over me since you were 14 years old and I was a little bit of a premature nothing! Thank you for everything you are to me in my sister and then some more. . .and more. . .and more. I don’t know what I’d do without you 😉 Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday! I love you!

If I could, dear Lucie, this is what I would do for you today. . .

Before you wake, I would place sweet camilla’s on your pillow next to your sleepy head.





Good Morning! Here is your wake up coffee with a heart of sister love!





First thing, you get to cuddle a new little puppy, and you don’t have to keep it. Just start the day with puppy love!





We go for an early morning stroll in my flower garden and you pick your favorites to put on your kitchen table.





Time to get moving into your day, We get into your brand new car and go for a drive in country!





Then we go for a small morning tea birthday party (we know you need your afternoon nap), set for a princess of our High King.






After high tea, we go for a little nature ride! The adventurous you is just begging to get outside and find some fun! You see, touch and feed one of your favorite animals! A giraffe.






Your are wilting around the edges, so we stop for a long afternoon nap and there is a candle waiting on your bedside table to lead you into sweet dreams of London memories!






When you wake, we are all hungry and have been busy planning a surprise pizza party!  No worries, we took all the calories OUT!





Now it’s sweet evening and we hop, skip and jump to the beach for our afternoon walk.






Your feet are warm from the sand, so you sit by the pool the cool them off. (Little do you know, Jesus is washing your sweet feet. You always have had the prettiest feet in the family)






On the way upstairs after a FULL day, we see an eagle soaring and wonder at the gift of his presence at the beach.






Inside for the day, we take you out on the balcony where we host an evening party (you party animal you!) with a few of your most intimate friends! Hope we did not leave anyone out!





Then we decorate a Christmas tree all for you on your birthday so you could put the angel on top! However, much to the despair of all your many, many,many guests. . .You and I get in a tug of war about who’s turn it is to put the angel on the top! (I thought you had outgrown such childish behaviors since you ARE the older, more mature sister!) Then, just before we tore her dress, I gave in and let you win. (Only because it is YOUR birthday!) And up she went, great job sis!






Cuddle time with Don on the sofa. You look radiate from the celebration. But, don’t fall asleep yet! The best is yet to come. . .





I bring out your little birthday gift, I made you a Fall birthday cake, all by myself (well, with the girls help!) Instead of singing Happy Birthday, we sing Christmas Carols to you in December, just for our Mother’s “pleasure!” (Bah, Hum Bug, she use to say to Christmas in November!)





Sugar high and all, you fall into bed, ready for a good night’s sleep with dreams of castles . . .





But there is one gift left, from your Heavenly Father: Light as a feather, you do not even know you have it on. . .His crown for you. He is always before you and you will not be shaken with His hand at your right side.






For your last and final gift, I strongly considered. . .yes, giving you a cruise for your birthday, but when your guests heard. . . they ALL wanted to go along, so. . .you will be relieved to know. . . I opted out of a repeat of the Titanic adventure this year!





Sister to Sister love on your very, special day! Wish I was there with you! Forever Yours, twe

3 thoughts on “Special Dedication! Happy Birthday Dear Lu! It’s Celebration Day!

  1. What a beautful tribute to a beautiful “sista”—Oochie–You two have been sisters to me ever since I took that Bad Boy Brother of yours, Toby off of your hands!! I have been so blest to be a Warren!! Toby has always been my soul mate–even after 47 years, and I love all three of you and your Mom and Dad who always treated me as a daughter–not daughter-in-law.
    Char Mama

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