The Cloak of Courage

This post is dedicated the those of you who battle silently with courage, God alone sees.
God creates a cloak of courage for each circumstance. It covers the deep, freezing cold that numbs your world. It covers the chill the seeps deep into your bones.
It covers the icy flow over your heart that is gone before you recognize it.
We are in need of growth. Our cloak of circumstance is too big for a good fit. We are called to grow into our cloak of courage to cover life. I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to understand courage and the faith that fills it. Perhaps that is the secret. . .
God makes our cloaks of courage too big so we will fill them with faith.
My cloak of courage is in need of repair. (God, do you have a needle and some angel thread?) My cloak of courage is huge and trails behind me. (God, would you send a few angels to gather the folds, I’m tripping all over it?) My cloak of courage is too heavy for me to wear for any length of time.
(God, you made the arms of Christ to shoulder our weight, Would you shift it?)
Do you have need of a cloak of courage?  If courage calls you. . .Ponder your cloak. . .What color is it? It is a solid color and does it have a pattern to it? How does it feel? Soft like baby cotton and rough like tartan wool?
Ask God for what you need to carry, cuddle and cloak your circumstance to your courage.
Our cloak of courage has His life in every stitch.

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