2 Samuel 24:14 Received the Most Clicks on RSVP to Sunday’s Showcase on Truth

This Post is dedicated to each one of you who take time from your busy lives to consider God’s Truth and how it applies to you!

Dear Readers: What got the most “clicks” was on God’s mercy in the fall. Let’s talk about falling. . .Remember as I write, I consider it a conversation because I cannot hear your thoughts, does not mean you are not responding. . .You are in your thought life thinking. . .agreeing. . ..disagreeing. . .pondering. . .So here we will talk about physical falling, but as we all know, we fall in our human selves in many different ways. Have you ever fallen physically? Close your eyes, and make the memory go into “slow mo” and experience it? What are you feeling: fear, terror, loss of control, panic, trying to grasp at anything to slow or stop the fall? (I know some of you are sky divers, way out of our league! We would love to hear from you! How your experience differs?) And after a fall, embarrassment? Did anyone see? Just how quick can I get up so no one will see? No matter, If I’m hurt. . .I’ll deal with that once I get some of my dignity back! Have you ever watched someone else fall or trip? Helplessly, you hear people gasp? If they are tended to. . .You think, I should turn my head to give them privacy, the last thing they want is attention, right? This is such an odd, strange dynamic we are discussing without our human selves. The act of falling is just plain humiliating. I wonder why? Is it our need for dignity? Is it fear of being seen as weak in front of others? None of us would chose to fall, yet as toddlers, falling is an accepted part of walking/exploring. They have no shame, if they fall and are hurt or scared they openly seek comfort and help from those stronger and in those they trust. As adults, where did that go??? Do we honestly think other’s never stumble and fall? We are the only one’s right?

I know about falling and the fears more than I care to admit: physical/emotional and spiritual. . .but the experiences are teaching me something on trust and mercy. I can no longer rely on my own strength to get up and move on. I can give it all the effort I have and my brain is screaming and firing messages to muscles on what to do. . .no go. I can listen to healing Scripture until it fades into the distance and still the tears of disappointment come. I refuse to do two things: I will not pretend any of this is less than a nightmare and I will not ignore the amazing goodness of God that accompanies every dark fall! I find falling emotionally and spiritually to be very similar to physical, only we hide it very well. How are you today? “Oh well, I fell into a black hole of grief and sobbed all night. How are you?” “I had anxiety attacks all day today, but I’m just great, How are you?” “I disappointed my children, but I’m a perfect mom, How are you?” “My husband had an affair and I’ve fallen off the face of the earth, How are you?” ”I got fired and I’m hanging out until time to go home so I don’t have to face my wife’s fallen face.”

We all face falls. And often, fall flat on our face. It’s not fun. It’s a hard place. But it’s a learning place. We learn to trust a God that is bigger than any fall, can reach deeper than any hole we can dig, and pick up the heaviest of what we carry on our shoulders. In our fall, He grants “mercy.” Let’s look into Strong’s Numbers and see just what God meant by “mercy” here. Are you surprised it means “womb?” Deep compassion? The word mercy here is the Hebrew Strong NUmber H7356. The transliteration (english translation of the Hebrew words) is “racham.” He receives the fallen into HIS HANDS. The “womb” of His love is great. So what I hear speak to us today is. . .We are to take ALL the dynamics of “falling” into His hands as a fetus who is surrounded, protected in the womb. All our needs are met. This is indeed, totally foreign to our self-sufficient selves. What would it look like for you and I to press in here? And receive His great “mercy” in our “fall.”

Study this image and His Truth. Let it soak you up. When was the last time you have had a “fallen” experience? Did you receive God’s great mercy as a womb around your life? Feathers covering your small self in your big world of needs? This is your Truth in HIS REALITY, how might you live into it?

In His love and mine, twe

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