Sunday’s Showcase: IX

May I share a secret with you? What I share with you each Sunday is a gift from a dear friend. It is not of my creation. God has lead her with conviction and purpose, to prepare inspiration for me each day. He leads her into hundreds of image selections and then on His clock, He calls her to pair them with His Truth for my blessing. It’s an anointed, intentional life- giving gift I wake up to each and every morning without fail. She’s like God’s mailman, only He delivers on Sunday. It is the first thing I embrace every morning, praying names into His precious truth with the ease of the phone around my neck. Waking into promises that bring the day into being. . .And often, it is the last thing I take in at night, before I close my eyes to sleep. As our God, is the beginning and the end, so is His Truth, through the faithful hands of a friend, the beginning and ending of each day.

Isn’t that what love does? It wakes us to HIS world, and it tucks us into HIS dreams.
This post is dedicated to those faithful hands of friendship that serve my heart with Truth each day:)

I’d love again, to monitor the clicks on each verse/image and write a post on the one with the most clicks. . .It’s a conversation waiting to happen between you and me. . .

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