Up and Over?

Dear Friends,

We all live with fences. Most of us have our physical property defined by a fence of some sort and it keeps our pets, children safe and detains intruders. They serve a purpose with our property. (Not without “cost,” how many of us know our neighbors?)

We all also put up fences around our hearts. What kind of fence do you put up? Wood? Chain link? Barbed wire? White picket? Electrified? Does you fence say, “KEEP OUT?” or “NO TRESPASSING?” The purpose is to “protect” you? Well you may keep some threatening things out but you are also, keeping yourself inside. What if there is something, someone out there worth climbing your fence? The fence serves as a defense in an unsafe world. I understand. I’m just asking you to consider, what are you missing?

I’m witness to “up and over” fences in my own life every day (like just welcoming a new daughter’s friend in pjs and dirty hair!) Or walking 200 steps for exercise with AFOs that do not fit and hurt my feet. Life, is about when, where and why to make it “up and over”

Going back to med school to climb over the disease that threatens home security: Hope. . .Inspiration
Transferring the LSU, Interior Design Program and leaving the dream of Bama girl behind: Ashlyn. . . .Encouragement
Taking over laundry for a large family as her “cure”: Megan. . .Faithfulness
Giving All her money to ALS Fundraising because it might help other families like us: Kathleen. . .Kingdom Investment
“God’s gifted me with serving the love of my life.” Bucky, my husband. . .Servant’s Adoration
Going back to work out of obedience as it tears up your heart
Each “up and over” my family makes, boost me “up and over” my next obstacle

OR. . .
Show up and let God show off
Enduring harsh teaching toward a dream
Touch someone’s else’s pain
Pressing into a relationship that is tentative at best
Say what your heart means, not what your heads censors: If it speaks love
Accepting a gift you can’t return in kind
I watch women move out of their past into freedom in Christ, just by faith
Stepping out into faith to try something new
Holding someone’s hand when you are too angry to speak
Extend an invitation that is not convenient
Be with someone in pain
Say, “I love you.”
Expecting the best when behavior challenges belief
Invite someone to dinner that has no where else to go.
Push past exhausted if it touches another’s heart
Try, saying “we” instead of “me”
Deep encouragements take courage
Hold someone, hard to forgive, in praying hands

Life is too short to stay inside the safe boundaries of your creation, Go when God calls. . .”Up and Over” It may not be safe, but in our Lord’s call. . .It is always for goodness we make the climb and over we go. . .Into Building a Kingdom, one heart at a time for HIS Glory. I’m going up and over into New Orleans to meet Steve Gleason, past Saints Player, ALS Fighter, as He lights the Christmas Tree tonight with Hope. Live your Life Today. There is a good saying, “Sometimes faith is just doing it afraid.” It’s more than enough.

What/Who is on the other side of your fence? In His Call, tracey

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