Twenty-Eight Years and Counting. . .

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Fun Facts:
*The height of the Eiffel Tower tops out at over 1,000 feet and was the tallest structure in the world until New York’s Chrysler building surpassed it.
*Every five years, men labor with fifty tons of paint to furbish it.
*A year round display of lights goes off every hour in the evenings.

November 23, 1984, at Christ the KIng Chapel on Campus, Father Blanchard married Bucky and I after seven, patient years of dating. (Our premarital study, was so similar in our answers, Father Blanchard thought we had done the “quiz” together instead of separately, as instructed. Yes, of course, that means we have “never” had an argument and it’s been perfect marital bliss every moment since we walked out of the church door into “doing life together!” ;))

Bucky’s parents gave us a honeymoon in Paris for our wedding gift and off we went in the cold, drizzle of Christmas. Honestly, we were too young to fully appreciate where and who we were. God was wielding iron work of trials, misunderstandings, great memories, team successes (like birthing 3 of 4 baby girls “naturally!”), managing to build a house without the threat of divorce and staying within our budget (that was Bucky, NOT ME!), cherished traditions, disappointments. . .yet it took 27 years to lean into a score of victory against all odds.

No, I’m not cured, yet, of ALS. But our marriage is, mostly, cured of self-centered expectations, petty skirmishes, and taking for granted what the other does/says/means/tries/hopes. The redemptive goodness of God raised up in my husband in three days, post-diagnosis, to the man of my dreams. (Maybe he won’t read this post, or he might get a big head ;)) God finally gave me Bucky’s Bible Verse and I saw how beginnings in Paris, were turning full circle to grant us “views” of victory.

Psalm 61:3 For You have been a refuge for me, A tower of strength against the enemy.
Bucky’s Bible Verse Symbol is the Eiffel Tower

From Bucky’s tower of strength, most days, we work with two hands, not four. We say less, and try to be more present. We know teamwork toward a focused goal that keeps us centered on God, family and friends. How so God to prompt Bucky to say, “I’m the happiest married, I’ve ever been.” I agree, I’m the happiest wife, I’ve ever been. I’ve not examined it, I just accept it as a gift in the midst of the struggle and give daily gratitude. We are meant to live out of marriages that reflect Christ and HIs relationship with the church. I’ve really no words for how hard that is to work. . .within normal day to day circumstances. Oh how we are pulled and misdirected in the smallest and largest of ways.

Today begins the first day of the twenty-ninth year of a stronger, more life-giving marriage for us and for our girls. God, we are so grateful for each other. Praise for the best of marriage. Amen

This post is dedicated to my faithful husband of twenty-eight years. My deepest, heart-felt gratitude. Happy Anniversary, Bucky

4 thoughts on “Twenty-Eight Years and Counting. . .

  1. You all must have been babies when you got married! Ricky and I have been married 17 years and it feels like 7 to me! Time flies!

  2. Tracey Becca, I had forgotten that your anniversary was last week.  What a beautiful message you sent. Congrats on your many happy, though, sometimes challenging years. Monty, Lara and the babies arrived Wed. at 2:30, and left yesterday morning, after a very full 3 1/2 days.  That Griffin is a character!  He kept Toby outside “building” a play house with sticks, a fireplace with bricks, and at least 12 hours total of leaf blowing.  There is not a leaf left in Lee County!!  Toby loved every minute of it.  Griffy would yell., “Toby, I mean Grampy. It’s my turn to blow the leaves.”  So cute.  Emma wanted to cook with me, and watch her videos.  Wonderful time!  So grateful.  It had been over 4 years since they had come here, so we packed as much as we could into our visit. Hope ya’ll had a great day, with all of the girls. We send hugs to everyone. Much love and prayers, Char Mama


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