Sunday’s Showcase of Truth X

Just how many times have you heard, now don’t take this personally, but. . .And you are offended before the words come? It is Truth, that spoken in love, we are CALLED not to be offended as someone speaks with concern and care for us, our relationships, our growth in Christ.

This calling looks different, in that we are made to “take things personally!” The issue is that we take the wrong things personally (such as offense/pride/fear/hurt). May I ask you a question? May I challenge all of us with. . .are we taking life-giving dynamics personally or allowing the “little things” to get under or skin?

What we are created to take personally, to the point that it changes us and the relationships around us, is God’s love language to us. Look at today’s Truth from a personal perspective. God created a word, an image to capture you today. There is life-giving, life changing Truth here, right now for you. . .He is waiting for you to take it “personally.” God had YOU in mind, when he grew the acorn, or painted the boat or filled the balloon to float, lighter than air! Will you take time to find yourself here? God is waiting for you to catch the glimpse of glory of who you are in Him? Seek and ye shall find. . .

This post is dedicated to my first adult Methodist (I was raised Catholic, married Lutheran/Catholic, attended Lutheran and then Methodist for a while) Bible Study Teacher, Ken Carroll, “Disciple I.” It was the deep loss of my mother’s sudden death that lead me there in 1991. I engaged with two friends, in an older group of wiser, seasoned Christian women in a year long commitment. I went looking for answers. We read over 80 percent of the Bible, most of which I could not understand with this first in-depth immersion. We emerged, for the better, with wonderful rich questions from which to grow. And so my journey began, to let my house go just a little, and take His word to me personally.

2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Showcase of Truth X

  1. I love this statement you presented, “GOD is waiting for you to catch the glimpse of who you are in Him!” Your statement reminded me of the scripture in Psalm 17:15 But I will see Your face in righteousness ; when I awake, I will be satisfied with Your presence!!!! I am never more assure of GOD’s love for me and who I am in him than when I’m in His presence! !!! I also think about Moses in Exodus 33:17-18 The LORD answered Moses, “I will do this very thing you have asked,for you have found favor in my sight, and I know you by name.”Then Moses said,”please let me see Your glory!” How awesome it will be one day bask in the glory of our awesome GOD!!!!!

    • You go girl! Whew Erica! Good for you! Think on this, the Glory of Christ within you is too much for you. . .it would overwhelm you, so God in His mercy and in knowing what is best for you, gives you glimpses. . .your beauty here is veiled sweet girl. Watch for it in others, you can catch glimpses of “who” they really are too. . .And it is way too cool :). twe

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