What’s In A Sprinkle?

This Post is dedicated to the friend that God granted this verse within. . .May God grace our conversations with salt! Amen!

I’ve been pondering this verse lately. I’ve someone in my life God defined with this verse. What a blessing she is for me! I love blueletterbible.org to do my study of the Strong’s Interpretations of our Bible Verses. Here, we are looking at New Testament, so it is Greek translations.

Grace. . .English transliteration. . .”charis” from the Greek Word. Meaning of “grace” in this context is that which affords joy, pleasure, delight, sweetness, charm, good will, loving-kindness, favour, gift of grace.

Salt. . .English transliteration. . .”halas” from the Greek Word. Meaning of “salt” in this context salt is a symbol of lasting concord, because it protects food from putrefaction and preserves it unchanged. Accordingly, in the solemn ratifications of compacts, the orientals were and are to this day, accustomed to partake of salt together, wisdom and grace exhibited in speech.

Now we’ve got ourselves a challenge. Our speech is to be with joy, delight, favour and a gift of grace. Our speech is to be a symbol of a lasting concord that protects. Our speech is to be filled with wisdom and grace so that we know how to respond to each person.

Now let’s go back to the post title. Speech and the way and the words and the how of our speakings, well we don’t give it much thought. It just comes out of our mouths. Uh, Oh. I’m talking about me too. The calling is a high one, but not impossible. What I heard God speaking through this verse to me, and perhaps to all of us is. . .Let’s consider the concept of a sprinkle. . .Can you sprinkle into your conversations as a seasoning? Can you focus on just one flavor of salt each day? Sprinkle joy into one conversation? The next day sprinkle delight into another? The following day good will and so on. Can we season our conversations so it preserves and gives lasting concords (agreement, peace, union of opinion)?

Sprinkles are the spice of life. Sprinkles give flavor to our words. Sprinkles effuse aromas to the essence of our presence. Just a sprinkle may make the difference between conversations that are edible and nourishing and those that are inedible junk food with no nutritional value.

The choice is yours. . .Maybe we all need to keep a salt shaker in our bathrooms as we prepare for the day. . .You and me? We are the salt of the earth! (Matthew 5:13).

You? Me? Today? Sprinkle liberally pleasure, sweetness, wisdom and make a Kingdom of Difference in your relationships 😉

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