Horizon Hit: The Creative Mind and God’s Hand

This post is dedicated to the Artists that share God’s Glory! Amen

Good Day Dear Readers!

We’ve a new Horizon Hit and a new friend to meet. Vickie Wade. www.vickiewade.com I’m promoting God here, but I cannot resist, with Christmas coming and art makes a life-giving gift under the Christmas tree, just a whisper of suggestion!!! In my internet search for Glory, I just “stumbled” upon her creative renderings and I’m spell bound.

Here is where I want to go with this. . .I’ve never met Vickie. Only communicated briefly through her Blog and website. She has, with gracious generosity, given me permission (my new heading is from one of her paintings!) to share some of her giftings with you, so you will be seeing more of her on my Blog.

In case you have not noticed, I am very visual in how I perceive and receive God’s Glory. Today, I sit in bed, stunned at how Glory connects “strangers.” The reality of GOD’s Goodness gives license for a sharing of: What I see as real in His colors, Vickie brushes into being, Where I hear His soft touches, Vickie envisions and carries it to a canvas, How I experience the Light of His Glory, Vickie reflects in with strikes of illumination. We do not know each other yet, but we live under the same canopy of God’s Glory. . .And it all makes our Lord a richer reality in the sharings and shadings of His sightings.

Our God uses our sacred imaginings to make His presence a more present part of our reality. He uses people like Vickie to draw us into His goodness. The divine is as close to you as it is to Vickie when she picks up her brush and touches a canvas with a stroke of God’s creation.

My family does not know it, but we are “moving.” Yes, today, into more of the goodness of God’s reality. I’ve chosen the Creekside Cottage as our new residence. Notice the birds, :), and notice the neighboring cottages. We could be neighbors and share a cup of coffee or tea! We could marvel at how good our Lord is and talk about the colors of life. (Today my color for God is yellow!) How can any of us look at this and not know more of our God? I am convinced, more and more each day, things are not as they appear. There is more Glory, more Goodness, more Grace from God around us than we can we can possibly hold.

Spend some quiet time browsing Vickie’s giftings. You will be better for it. You will know more about the heart of God, invest in your sacred imagination, and bring color to your senses. Or bring you to your senses! LOL! Maybe, it’s me that needs God to bring me back to my senses! Either way, Vickie’s giftings will bless you in the time you spend with her.

Come to our “house warming”. . .”Corner Cottage, 4444 Divine Crossings, Veil, Skyward 00000″ We’ll leave the light on for you 🙂 Hope, Ashlyn, Sean, Constance,. . .Coming home anytime soon? You might want to use your map quest!

Seeking The Stroke of His Goodness for our family, twe

Creekside Cottage

6 thoughts on “Horizon Hit: The Creative Mind and God’s Hand

  1. Tracey, I’m moving in next door; a new neighbor in your cottage painting. Mine is one of the one with smoke coming out of the chimney. We are all having cocoa near the hearth. : )

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