What Color Calls You To Rejoice Today?


“There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.” — John Calvin

To rejoice is to feel joyful, be delighted, to fill with joy; gladden. . . .I am having a hard time rejoicing today. That dynamic seems a Kingdom away from where I am right now. What about you?

My feelings do not dismiss the truth that colors are intended to call me into joy. Red has been speaking to me lately. Right now “red” rings a bell. Right now “red” catches my attention. Right now “red” draws me into His intention for me. How does God intend to use the color “red”  to teach me about joy?

Each color has something to say. It communicates something with intention from God’s palate. What color is your mentor today? What is that color speaking to you about God’s joy? How will you rejoice in your response? God is watching. . .waiting to see if the splash of color He placed in your life will wake you into His joy? Will we use color to speak joy into the life of another?

It’s my choice, it’s your choice, it’s our choice? Will we live out of the black and white the world draws out in front of our days?  Will we live out of splashes of bright, vibrant strokes that color outside the lines? Will we soften to the play of pastels that brush past our hearts? Will we pick up the brush and rejoice in the expression of His Kingdom?

2 thoughts on “What Color Calls You To Rejoice Today?

  1. I love the color Red! Its my son’s favorite color. When I think of the color red I am reminded that the LORD, Son of GOD, our Savior JESUS, shed HIS blood for me and all mankind. So that all who believe in Him can have divine intimacy, a relationship with HIM now and everlasting life with GOD, and His son JESUS in Heaven forever and ever, Amen!!!!

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