Design in Season

Ash:Drew Gingerbread Houses

Genesis 1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1:27 God created man in His own image, the the image of God He created him. . .

Design, don’t decorate. Decorate is fluff, but in design we create as our Lord creates the Seasons around us. It’s the Christmas Season and we are busy setting up Holiday Glow in our Homes and celebrating the birth of Jesus by sharing gifts with the people we love the most.  In warming your home for Christmas, I don’t suggest you DO anything different, but in shifting our intent to design we reflect the Hand of God.

Design your door, design your holiday table, design your tree (I have a friend who is a Christmas Tree Artist just by God’s “design”). Design does not have to be elaborate or fancy, it just calls forth warmth and beauty. In the warmth of design, people feel appreciated and they can be more “present” (pun intended) for the Christmas moment.

My daughter Ashlyn (Ashlyn is an Interior Design Major) and her boyfriend Drew at his mom’s house, are captured in a moment of a gingerbread house design. My first thought was. . . Now, that is the Hand of which Holiday’s are made!!!

Design, Design, Design within the Season of your life.  “But, I’m not creative.” Pish Posh! Just add  a candle or a little color to your table!  Go to Tuesday Morning and buy new placemats or a new wreath. Frame a new picture. Keep is simple, but intentional and it will seek to bless, not impress, this Christmas Season.

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