It’s a Red Love Knot. . .


So, dear readers, my brain still functions last minute most of the time, and I WAS usually able to pull it “off.” I remember one time leaving for a Bible Study, and at the last minute the Lord had me in my attic pulling down a “prop” the made His point, perfectly. “Are you sure God? This last minute stuff is fun in the journey, but it does add a bit of stress ;)?” He was right, it brought HIS point home. I was so joyful, I had listened one more time.

I really cannot pull last minute “escapades” as I did in the past but last night I tried 😉 Kathleen, our middle schooler, went to a bonfire with two friends, who were coming back to spend the night. I’ve many times used a game with string with a happy surprise at the end. If more than one person, you use a yarn color for each person. Start them anywhere with their name and wind and tangle the yarn around places, things, knobs, (so fun outside on a pretty day!), furniture, under and over and finally they find their prize with their name on it at the end. The longer and more involved the better 😉

The girls were gone and I pridefully thought, only three girls. We’ll (my 400 pound football player body guard, aka, my wheelchair and I) use red yarn for Christmas. I can pull some gift bags together. No biggie. Easy greasy. Can do this kind of thing in my sleep. I won’t make it long and involved, just a few twists and turns. . .

First girl and first string and first goodie bag, mom was on a roll. Going under and inside covered pieces of furniture in our ghost town of a “home” (renovation dust covers most of house), rolling along cardboard pathway for workers, I was having a great time. A little more challenging than by foot, but definitely doable! No prob for this mom! I’ll have the house strung up in no time. I was imaging the girls delight when they came home 😉

Soon I noticed, there was a train of red yarn following my wheelchair. Loops of yarn dragging behind me. Okay. Now I’m frustrated. First little girlfriend NOT finished but all tangled in who knows where around my wheelchair. Overcome? Made for victory right? (1 John 5:4 For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world-our faith.) Cut off the train I could see from my seated posture and begin again. Oops, must have dropped the scissors, back around the house, I go looking for the scissors. You guessed it, wheelchair wheels picking up more string as I go. . .

Okay, I am on a learning curve, I can still do this. Mom on a roll! So found scissors, begin again only this time I am winding up off the floor. (Duh, couldn’t have thought of that before?) Now, we are doing this. . .one little path of red yarn winding it’s way, two little paths of red yarn winding it’s way to the gift bags at the end. Starting on third. Uh Oh, Can’t get back to work area to get last gift bag, I’ve knit myself into the foyer.

All of a sudden the front door bell rings, now we have a strange man at the door. I call Ashlyn and Drew in den on phone, saying, “Someone at front door (speech not so clear today, a battle all day with a hard of hearing husband) but surely Ash will understand. Finally, I’m screaming into my cell, front door! She panics and she and Drew expect to find me turned over in my wheelchair at front door. Drew goes to door, “Mrs. Tracey it’s the pizza man. Did you order pizza?” (I’m thinking, are you kidding when would I have time to do that!) “Bucky must have ordered it and forgot to tell me. Just pay the man!” There I am holding red yarn, gift bag (inside my shirt so I don’t drop something else, we do what we have to do as moms, right?), and scissors and they both look at me. Drew says, “Mrs. Tracey you have a little problem with red yarn?” Ash says, “Mom, how can I help you?” I’m a big girl, right? No tears. “Yes Ash, you can make a little yarn path with this last gift bag”. . . Drew is now on floor (with his face smashed up against the oldest dirtiest carpet in the world soon to be evicted for hardwood!) with scissors and oil on his hands trying to get at the tangled mess on my big wheel axle. “It’s not bad right, I whimper?” (Thinking, why did I cancel wheelchair maintenance until January?!) So Ash finishes the last one and Drew and Ash cut off as much red tangle as they can get to off my wheels (Yeah, Mom was on a roll, alright!). . .

I sigh in relief and I can let my poor husband bring the girls home. (Yes, he was trying to stall them!) Then more battle wages war in my head in that high pitched taunting voice. . .Thought-life: “You did it better before, you made it longer and more creative before with forethought and Bible Verses. . .this is slip shod at best!” And I cry out to the hills from which my help comes. . .”Lord, am I crazy to still try to be normal mommy?” And I hear Him say, “You are crazy in love with your girl. . .only you know your “standards.” Does it have to meet your standards to bless, or may just the love effort bless in and of itself?” “But it’s not “good” enough, Lord!”

Just then, I hear cries of delight and as the stress of the “try” begins to melt with their warm glee, I see they have fun with their short little trails. And Kathleen, wants to know how I know to do that? And God says, “You can always make it more elaborate another time. You are learning and I am pleased.”

The tight love knot in my heart that held it captive over my “boshed” attempt, began to loosen. It slipped off my heart and became a silken ribbon that tied a bow around Kathleen’s heart. Our efforts are gifts. Period, end of thought-life turmoil. Loosen up those love knots and let God take hold of the tangled string of our efforts. What He does with it may surprise you. His Kingship Hands are supple in tying up our love offerings as anointed gifts. Untie the knot of your efforts this Christmas and allow your King to tie a beautiful bow to finish off your gift.


11 thoughts on “It’s a Red Love Knot. . .

  1. Tracey,
    You’re a such a wonderful storyteller. I could just picture that red yarn tangled all up around your wheel. How frustrating that would have been for me, but you have such perseverance. You are Supermom! I want to be like you when I grow up.


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    • Hey Sherry, Thanks for reading. . .at the end. . .little gift bags with golden angel ornaments, Christmas pencils, Christmas mints, Ghirardelli chocolate and full, full, full of love XO! I love you toooo! twe

  3. Tracey Becca,

    I laughed and I cried, knowing how hard you worked to surprise KK and her Peeps. You are so right, He blesses our efforts, especially when your efforts are so taxing to you, who are such a special giver of His love.

    I have on that special Christmas reindeer apron that you brought me from ya’ll’s European trip summer before last. Love it!! It loves to be in our kitchen with me, helping me make my EnglishToffee.

    Hope to see you and the family after the Holidays–maybe early in the spring. Your renovation should be behind you then, Lucie and Don’s visit and the Holidays over. We come back from DC before New Year’s, and then have to go to Brevard, NC for our dear friends’, Larry and Gail’s 50th Anniversary Party Jan. 5-6.. You may remember them, as you met them at the beach with us several years ago.

    Trying to finish up gift wrapping and start packing to leave Thurs. for DC. Can’t wait to see the kids!! You are so lucky to have all of yours so close. We will miss Monty and Lara and the kids this year, but really enjoyed their visit here for Thanksgiving.

    Signing off to make another batch of English toffee:-(

    Hugs and prayers all around,
    Char Mama

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