Horizon Hit: Only Hope by Mandy Moore

Only Hope:Mandy Moore


Dear Readers, I love the piano as I was blessed to listen to my daughters practice while I was in the kitchen cooking.

This Post is dedicated to each and every single note my four daughters played on the piano and to their long time teacher,

Ms. Kathyrn Jones

The piano, in the beginning is sooooo beautiful. I”m listening to this song in bed this cloudy morning, needing a nap, and allowing the lyrics to process through some of my heart life. . .lyrics that speak deeply. . .

“There’s a song inside of my soul, it’s the one that  I’ve tried to ‘write’ over and over again,

I’m awake in the infinite cold, But you sing to me over and over and over again,

So I lay my head back down and I lift my hand and pray to be only Yours,

I know now, you’re my Only Hope.

Sing to me the song of the stars, of Your Galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again,

When it feels like my dreams so far, sing to me of the plans that YOU have for me, over and over again.”

What does it sound like to hear the Lord sing to you of HIS plans for YOU?


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