Snail Mail

Blog Christmas Postcard

Merry Christmas!

Pick up a pen with red, sparkle, gel ink in it. (If you don’t have one, go to the store and splurge on one!) Write a hand written note to your husband, your child, a teacher that made a difference, someone you’ve lost touch with (well, you know life moves on, we’re busy), a friend or a sibling.

Do not allow technology to erase the art of precious penmanship. God pens your life and writes notes to you in our Word of Truth. This Christmas Season: Take time to take “note” of your love for Christ in sharing it with another.

Make a difference in the life of Christmas for another. Allow your heart to take shape in the form of letters, words, and spaces to celebrate relationship. Empower the color red to speak of Christ’s love as it spills ink upon paper. Invest in
the Season with speaking new birth into the life of another.
“i see this cool new thing in your life. . .” I noticed this new growth point in you. . . .” Or ask. . .”What is new in your life, I’d love to hear about it. . .”

Let’s flood God’s post office with Christmas offerings to one another. Let’s celebrate the birth of HIS SON in the written word. Let’s celebrate His love with the real thing: relationship at Christmas. Let’s celebrate the Light of HIs presence in brightening a mailbox with the penmanship our His love this season.

P.S. New Traditions?. . .Write tags on gifts with Scripture Hints on them. . ..Write love notes to each other and hang them on the tree for Christmas Morning. . .Use a red pen this Christmas! Last thought: Buy Christmas post cards. . .Have each member of the family write a love note to baby Jesus, punch a hole in it and tie it to the tree with, of course, a red ribbon! Don’t forget to date it, and sign, it. . . .I have some precious “scribbles” from my babies before they could write their name and how I value their mark on my heart!

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