Punctuate with your Prayers. . .

*Punctuation Marks

My sacred imagination has been working overtime this morning and I woke with a concept I’ll just place out as an offering at our conversational table of communion in our Lord for your thought. . .

We know our Lord hears our prayers, we know the Holy Spirit shapes and perfects them for presentation to our Abba Father, we know we are to rise to pray within His will. . .We also know that prayer makes a Kingdom of difference. We also know that prayer changes things. We also know that prayer is a life-giving dynamic that is a mystery to our minds and hearts.

That said, What if. . .in the Kingdom Thinking of Things. . .As our Lord writes our Story. . .What if. . .As He pens life onto the pages of our being. . .What if our prayers punctuate His Writings?

Our love offerings, create a comma or pause? Our prayers insert a parenthesis? Our petitions place quotation marks around our sincerity in our posture at the knee of love?

We won’t know. . .But I believe, that I believe, that I believe that our stories will take note of our prayers and in some mysterious way, we will “see” our “prayers” written into the love stories He pens onto the pages of our lives. Enjoy the ponderings and may it empower you in prayer! twe

1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing;

Let's Talk. . .

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