The Birth of Jesus. . .

The-Nativity-Story-900x600Scene from the movie: The Nativity Story

This Post is dedicated to the new birth in YOUR life today.

The birth of Jesus brought a reality of love to the world like it had never known. It was a miracle. It is a miracle. It will be forever a miracle. Perhaps we navigate our Christmas without the life-giving power of His Birth. The teaching, the steps, the healing touches of His life did not ascend with Him as He went to heaven. Those things remain through the Holy Spirit as a living, breathing, reality in our lives today. Slow down, and read that last sentence again. . .

You hold in your arms, you cradle near your chest, you gaze into the depths of heaven today that has the power of new birth. The miracle of love that births changes in you, changes in your marriage, changes in your children, changes in your health, changes your workplace, changes in your friendships. . . .

Your cousin comes to visit with her new baby boy. She offers Him to you tenderly. You hug Him close and as He opens His eyes you experience an intensity of Light, that illuminates dark corners in you, hidden from your awareness. She smiles in love and simply says, “You Hold The Kingdom to Come in your arms.”

Perhaps the life giving birth is in how we embrace the new life of Christ. . .Quiet, intimate, believing, marveling, trusting, entering, wondering, holding, warming, keeping, accepting. . . .this baby of God’s love into our arms and sharing Him with others.

Christmas Blessings that make His birth a Reality to you, twe

2 thoughts on “The Birth of Jesus. . .

  1. Ashley, My heartfelt gratitude for reading. Words have no life until they are lifted by the eyes of interest and held in your hand. Christmas blessings to all of you and our love. twe

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