My Favorite Christmas Ever. . .

Photo from Tracey's copy

Dear Friends and Family, several of you have asked to see our Christmas Tree and since not all of you can make it by, here she is in her Christ-like Glory. (Thanks to Marlene and Wesley and a light transplant!) December 26. . .And counting. It was my best Christmas ever. Not because of the tree or the wonderful, heart felt gifts and against the “merry, merry” odds is that I did not cook one thing this Christmas which was causing a full blown temper tantrum on the inside :(. It was my best Christmas Ever because I’m different, what matters is amazingly different, and what blesses me is simply different.

I want to be here, in the Christmas Eve service and see the candles flicker with that soft glow only a candle expresses. I want to notice the Christmas stockings on the tiny 2 year old girl her mom put on with mixed delight and frustration as she squirmed her wild legs. I want to watch my family settle in for a dinner out on Christmas Eve and watch the earnest desire to share the best of their palate from their plate. I want that embracing hug from that friend. I want to look her in the eyes on the Eve of Christ’s birth. I want the rough warmth of my husband’s hand in church prayer. I want to hear the click of “grown up” heels as they cross the threshold home. I want the sweet aurora of Piccadilly’s carrot soufflé and see the powdered sugar on top like freshly fallen snow. I want to recycle again that fun big golden jingle bell and gold stretchy cord on another present this year (that my sister sent several years back.) I want to plant an amaryllis bulb with my hands and send it home to bring new life in a widow sill. (Did you know if you soak them one hour before you plant them it will speed up blossoms by one to two weeks?) I want to put whipped cream on hot chocolate and sprinkle my love on top (powdered vanilla). I want to curl up and watch a Christmas movie, (not yet!). I want to watch love pass from one person to another just with their eyes. I want my Mollie to wear a jingle bells collar and be my in-house reindeer. I want to experience the profound peace of having all my four girls sleeping under my roof. I want to look at full stockings and smile at the girly surprises inside. I want to just listen to Christmas music and look at my tree. . .Hope’s pink tacky dime store ornament: Baby’s First Christmas, Glass drops from my sister Lu’s tree, fingerprint reindeer ornaments from little hands, felt ornaments I made as I a little girl, candle canes beaded by tiny fingers, various photo pics of girls in ornaments they try to hide front the front of the tree. . . . The tree goes on and on with all the memories suspended from the branches.There is even a real nest Kathleen brought to me several years ago and I have a dove family on the tree that moved into it for their home. I want to see my husband’s pleased affirmation that Christmas was “just right.” I want to be late to dinner reservations because we had so many little conversations on the way out of church. I want to make one special gift each year that will mean a Kingdom of love to another. I want to finally put the lovely Christmas Tree skirt on the night before Christmas so they dogs don’t destroy it. (Did that!) I don’t want my two front teeth (thank goodness). . .but I do want the little things to be the big things I might miss if I am not present for God’s giftings. I want to start a new tradition with meaning each year.

All was done for the night on Christmas Eve, thanks to Bucky and the girls. . . and after all were asleep, I rolled back out there just one more time, like I always do to see if I forgot anything or want to add a touch here or there? This year I went I found my favorite gift tags (an after Christmas Sale one year) and I made one for the five of the other family members with their name and a Fruit of the Spirit for each one on the back. After we finished opening the stockings and presents, I told them that. . .”The real gifts here were each of them, who they are in Christ. . . to go find their gift tag on the Christmas Tree and they would see what Fruit of the Spirit I saw most in them over this past year. (I asked them to tuck the gift tags in their stockings just for keeps)

We had a wonderful family dinner with friends too by our Christmas Tree, on Christmas Day, blustery and all, with The Nativity Story movie playing on silent in the background on the big screen. We sang Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus. . .my sister-in-law, (from my husband’s family) Lisa, brought a beautiful red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, which was so fun since it was my first sister-in-law, Char, (my brother’s wife) that taught me that birthday cake for baby Jesus tradition when I was still a little girl . . .and we satisfied a little sweet tooth and honored our Savior.

I have two new posts formulating in my head and new ideas for my Blog, so we have great new year coming. . . .In the meanwhile, I’ll share a picture of our Jesus Birthday Cake. (What you cannot see is the slice taken out of the back before we could take the picture: That’s so life, isn’t it? 😉 No doubt in my mind, Jesus was laughing! No one could survive well on this crazed earth without a sense of humor. Think of the challenges of the disciples. . .Surely without humor with Peter and his impulsiveness. . . even Jesus would have experienced impatience! What a life-giving perspective is a sense of “Kingdom Humor!”)

Photo from Tracey's


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