“Go Out On A Limb, That’s Where the Fruit Is!”

Caring Angel

The angel resting above, on her knees is “Sadie.”
Dear Readers:
I hope that is true. . .hopefully in your regard, because I’m going out on a limb here, yes with you. Life, it seems, is too short to keep “God Secrets” to ourselves.

One of those days today. It’s just a tough day. Tears and frustration. I’m sure none of you have any of those, but just indulge me here. . . 😉

So a couple friend gave me a gift, I woke up to this morning. Many of you do not know, I am very sentimental. Probably, problematically so. . .But so it is with me. It was a Willow Creek Angel. She is the one called, “Caring Angel.” I sat there holding her in the palm of my hand and it started a conversation in bed this morning . . .

“God, I do not want to leave my special “things” behind. They are not just things, they are place markers for people, memories, relationships, Glory moments with you. I know you say we don’t need things. . .” He interrupted me. . .”Why do you frame everything in loss? It is not like that here. Have you ever considered the possibility that the ‘joy things there’. . .Come to life here?”

At that moment my sacred imagination clicked into gear within our conversation. I “saw” my little angel, in the palm of my hand. . .breathing tiny shallow breaths, and her tiny eyes blinked at me with sprinkles of twinkles flying out of her eyes like dandelion seeds. Her wings fluttered iridescently moving the air in my hand. And then my eyes saw through my window, four little chickadees chattering in “words” I understood and a snowman dancing in my front yard in the heat of the day. And my favorite gift books, the words read themselves out loud in the voices of the authors and the pictures popped off the pages and “performed” right there on the page. . .And a flower a friend painted for me grew around the post on a vine on my front porch and it smiles as I walk by. . .And laundry blows fresh on lines all hung out but it dances and puts out puffs of fragrant clean. . .And Christmas Lights burn year round. . .”

You get the idea. It’s pretty obvious, I’ve not been to heaven. . .and I don’t know any of those things to be true. What I do know that I know that I know is that my/your Lord goes to prepare a place for me and for you (John 14:2) and whatever is of Kingdom importance to you. . . it just seems in His Character to me that those things will be there perfected for your pleasure and for HIS GLORY. I don’t believe these little “visions” are just for me. It’s not about “me,” it’s about our Lord. It’s about His creative love. It’s about how He speaks to you, my friend. It’s about a heavenly destiny we all share. Certainly the book of Revelation challenges even the highest, most brilliant Biblical Scholars’ imagination, so just a few simple “cracks in the veil” will do nicely for us simpletons!

So there you have it, I’ve gone out on a limb for you. My prayer is my risk bears fruit in your life about whatever private ways you contemplate heaven. Be blessed and know that heaven is more than any of us can ever imagine in manifold beauty and experience of Glorious Light and Love! twe

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