Happy New Year, 2013

This post is dedicated to my daughter Kathleen, as I watched her light and dance with a sparkler in her hand last night. Her movement toward maturity is so apparent. . .and to still see a moment of play in her gives me hope for all of us. We need to play, as adults. Thank you dear Kathleen, for the reminder 🙂

One of the ways our Lord lives in us in through play. As adults, play allows us to nurture the wonder we desperately need to connect with our Lord. The Kingdom Play in my life, well, it is one of the most significant life giving forces that keeps me engaged. My need for it was and is empowered in darkest of desperations and in the fullest of His love in my life.

I've eluded to it. . .Kingdom Play. . .and I am emotional today, so I'll need to leave it to be explored at depth later. But, I want to encourage you to play! Find ways that make Kingdom Investments that are fun for you. Things that bring you joy.

When was the last time you found yourself lit up like a sparkler? What ignites your life with His life? What makes you want to dance and leave traces of light as you draw letters of love into the night?

As I write, I'm listening to There's A Hero by Billy Gilman. "There's a fire inside of everybody. . .burning clear and bright. . ." That fire is Jesus Christ, and He is waiting to ignite your life this new year, 2013.

God holds a sparkler for each of you. . .How do you need the bright sparks of His life in yours?


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