Sunday Showcase of Truth, January 6, 2013

TeaCup Candle:Peace 

Good Morning. I woke up this morning thinking about the priceless beauty and Truth that is created for me every morning that I share with you on Sundays. Wouldn’t it be so cool to rent an IMAX HD theater and Worship with these slides on that huge, larger than life screen?

Murphy Toerner once told me that change occurs when a Truth Goes in deeper than our deepest false belief. Great wisdom, huh? At that point, transformation occurs and we move toward becoming more like who we are destined to be in Christ.

My prayer for you today, is that one of these Truths finds it’s way deeper into your belief system so that a misbelief is dislodged and a new you is planted in it’s place. Truth never returns void, so if we allow the Holy Spirit to work it in our life, we will leave the “theater” of Truth, different. Different for His Glory. So read, experience and let it go in as deep as it can go. . .(another Murphism!).


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