Homesick for Heaven, Part II

This post is dedicated to my dad, Merle Flagg Warren. He believed in education. He believed in potential. And he planted a small acorn in a coffee can that moved with my mother and I after he died suddenly when I was seven. My mother transplanted it. . . It’s a shade tree for a young family, I know and love today. Imagine God’s wonder as that tree offers acorns in season to the ground on Magnolia Woods Avenue. God is so intentional. . .

A special friend, grows my appreciation for the small things. . .And gives me a large acorn through her son. My daughter, Ashlyn makes it into an ornament for our tree.

It speaks potential. (Yes, smile, my Christmas Tree, all my other decorations are still up while I nap in bed with Hope :))

Big Acorn with Kingdom Potential. . .

Big Acorn with Kingdom Potential. . .

Into the darkness the acorn goes and it waits for warmth from the sun and water from the heavens to release life. Life that over seasons and storms, grows strong branches, hosts nests of families, gives shade in baked heat, rustles leaves like music notes on a page dancing on the staff of life. It’s roots grow deep to hold tight in drought, in hurricane force winds, and in the weight of an icy winter., It knows it’s place when it’s thickest branch bears the swing that delights joy with young bodies that fly though the air with the greatest of ease. It never doubts it’s grounding in God’s Garden. It is right where it is meant to be.

Righted Tree

Then Kingdom life happens. A crisis or a Kingdom love for a husband, a wife, a child, a friend, a mentor or our BIG GOD makes a blessing or a”curse” befalls us BIGGER THAN THE GROUND THAT HOLDS TIGHT TO THE ROOTS. We find ourselves, still in God’s Garden, but disoriented. Big time disoriented in betrayal, loss, change, disappointment, deeply in love, new ministry . . .

Upside down Purchased Oak Tree

Our world, as we know it, is turned upside down. Please see that blessings and “curses” can both turn us upside down. I’ve known both dynamics and observed both dynamics in others. The birth of a baby, a health diagnosis, a loss of precious life, medical school acceptance, a car accident, a move, shifting a dream for another, changing friends. . . The list is endless.(Please feel free to add to own in as you read!) We no longer feel grounded and our “roots” are searching but find the “air” does not support life as we knew it.

Here we go. . .Are we ready? We are meant to be disoriented here. Not that we are destined to misery, what I want to convey is that. . .life here is not our home. We are destined to “root” our life heavenward. Do you see how the roots are reaching toward heaven? The tree is now top heavy and the wordily things hang down near the ground, but the roots are free. There are no rocks, sand, power lines, concrete or other grounded issues that ensnare their growth. The “sky” is the limit as the saying goes, for our roots to explore. We are heaven bound. I encourage you, do not despair in the way life here disorients us. It is a call to a new orientation. Root your life upward in the love that turns you upside down. Root your life upward in the loss that knocks you to your knees. Root your life upward in the change that knocks your socks off.



Ecclesiastes 3:1 KJV (Just for you, sweet Amy!)

8 thoughts on “Homesick for Heaven, Part II

  1. So truly beautiful…God with us, in these moments, in these between spaces, exhaling life into us. No, we are not home yet but how amazing when we shall see right side up in full view! Thanking God for you and the view He has given you.

  2. Beautiful, Tracey! I just had lunch with a friend of mine who is going through a sad divorce after 29 years of marriage. Her life is like that upside down tree right now but she is seeing so many ways that God is intervening in her situation. We see how he started preparing her for this situation before it even happened (connecting the dots). I hope you don’t mind but I am going to share this beautiful message with her.
    Oh, after I read your post from the other day filled with so much honesty, you are definitely NOT less than I think you are, but now you are MORE than I thought you were. Does that make any sense?

    • Hey Sherry. . . .
      Thank you for the feedback. Timely today, for sure. I’d be honored for you to share. I said a prayer for her just now. Your affirmation is very kind,
      and yes you make solid sense! love, twe

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