Friendship From a Different Country


In friendship, we are all from “different countries!”
It’s not about “where” we live. (Hi UK readers!)
We all speak different languages that are as unique as our perspectives.
“What would your friendships “look like” If:
1.You entered each and every friendship conversation excited about learning a new “life language?”
2. You listened (listen more than you speak!) for their unique language?
I mean really listen, without assumptions of their intent?
(Our Lord refers to these “assumptions, as “vain imaginings” 2 Corinthians 10:5)
3. Ask open ended, non-judgemental questions like. . . “Help me understand? Can you tell me more?”
4.Expect misunderstandings will occur between the two of you because your languages are different. Do not take it personally. Seek clarity, not offense.
5.Accept no one will ever reflect your “love language” in friendship. There is only one you.
6.Learn the “heart language of another” and enrich your Kingdom preparation for your Lord and your life travels on the map of friendship.
The Holy Trinity: Father God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. Three distinct “personalities” with perfect friendship unity. I suspect their “languages of love” are “from different countries.”
God, “Misunderstanding worked against Adam and Eve after they brought sin into My Garden of Perfection.”
Jesus, “I worked hands on for thirty-three years to unite beyond the law with a heart of love.”
“Holy Spirit, “I’m always on the move in ebbs and flows in relationships: life-giving counsel and understanding prompts in Truth.”

The Destiny of Misunderstanding is Intimacy.
P.S. Do I, practice any of these things? On a good day, I’ll get one of them into God’s hands. 😉

2 thoughts on “Friendship From a Different Country

    • Hi Dana, SOOOO good to hear from you. Thank you for the prayers. I am so very grateful for that vestment in my health! Privilege to have met you through Sherry. Much love, twe

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