Special Dedication: Birthday! It Only Takes a little fluff to sweeten our communion!

To my dear brother- in -law, Don. I wish him blessings, today and always. I’d like to share a very private moment in our Blog here. . .Don is married to my dear Lu, Lucie, my sister. Who was 14 years old when I was born. (Yes I was a “surprise”). I had two sets of “parents” in that my brother was sixteen when I was born. Hi TOBY!

Anyway, back to Don. Don has been so good to my sister and our whole family. Years ago now, Don was very sick and in the hospital. I flew to be with them after his surgery. Lucie, had left the room to get a nurse, and I stood at his bedside.

I remember praying, “Dear God, I don’t understand the power and mystery of prayer. I know you hear me right now. I can see my brother-in-law struggling for healing. Here I stand healthy and such love for this dear man in my sister’s life. Surely, I can offer him, part of my life, my health, my strength. Take from me now what can give him a edge over this fight for life. I willingly give to Don what he needs.” My head bowed in silent prayer, earnest hope for God to transfer some spark of my life to this dear man.

I did not feel anything. I trusted God could use my love to move his life. I felt contented that my offering would be used in the Hand’s of a God that uses all things, in us, for good. I’ve never shared this before, with anyone. It will be new for Lu and Don as well.

There is a time to hold and wait and then to is a time to share with open, humble hands.. To move the prayer of our lives from the closet to the dinner table as communion. So I offer this moment with Don and Lu as communion at a table where we “CELEBRATE HIS LIFE!”

Our friend, and brother-in-law, Don. . .we celebrate how very special you are to all of us, and especially to me 🙂
Happy, Happy Birthday! Thank you for who you are in our family and in my life! “Ding Dong” I’m at the threshold of your life, miles away, hands full of “goodies!” . . ..Including to Lu’s dismay, a dozen jars of marshmallow creme for our peanut and butter and marshmallow sandwiches!


Lu, go buy this man some “fluff” for his birthday! Make a grilled sandwich (real butter!), with peanut butter, fluff, sliced bananas and chocolate chips
“and this sprinkle, “love”  powdered sugar on top! We love you, our Don! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Special Dedication: Birthday! It Only Takes a little fluff to sweeten our communion!

  1. Don’s heart is golden and his loyalty driven by love is unquestioned. Lucie, he married fluff! Tracey, your love has served him and the rest of us above all standards by which we measure love. Char and I love you, Lucie and you DON!

  2. Tracey you are so sweet I have always known that your prayers were with me and I thank you so much I will always be your friend don Sherman

  3. Such precious sweetness! Don had a difficult time reading it thru his tears and he says, “I love you!” We both wish we could send you our strength and healing thru prayers.

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