Is It An Answer?

Psalm 4:3

Answers?! The educator my dad left as a legacy in my DNA, LOVES a good question. I love to ask them and see wheels turning outside a thought life box and I love to have them poised before me like a carrot before the nose of a horse 🙂

So, I asked a friend a question. . .”Do you experience grace from me?” (Great vulnerable/authentic question right? I was so proud of myself :)) She had the WISDOM TO ANSWER MY QUESTION, WITH A QUESTION! She asked, “Do you feel grace in our communion?” Okay, so now, I’m challenged, appropriately and lovingly challenged. Thank you friend for your Truth spoken in trusted love!

So, we ask many questions in our prayers! I’m sure I’m in God’s stack of “Question Overload, research and get back to her!) JK. Jesus often answered questions with a question. (Wisdom does that sometimes! ;)) Matthew 15:32-34 (NIV) 33 His disciples answered, “Where could we get enough bread in this remote place to feed such a crowd?” 34 “How many loaves do you have?” Jesus asked.

Explore this link for a really great article on this concept,

Okay, so let’s talk, heart to heart. . .how does God answer us? Do we miss the answer because it is not what we expected? Do we REALLY EXPECT an answer? What can answers “look like?” Do we let God out of our little box when it comes to answers? Do we believe HIS answer is worth the wait?

Have you noticed, I’m not going to give you an answer? II don’t have your answer. . .. I have my own experiences with answers, and yes they are often well placed, challenging questions. So ask yourself some good solid questions about God and HIS answers. . .Please tell us what you come up with. . .We will all grow from your experiences. . .Let’s make your response easy. . .a fill-in-the-blank. . ..

God’s Answers to me are. . . . Hit the comment button and tell us. . .(it won’t hurt much, I promise :))

Surely, you know by now, I am much more interested in your thought/prayer life than my own. I live with me, very boring! But you, now we are talking. . .that’s highly intriguing to myself and the other readers. . .So let’s see how many of you will respond. . .Come on give me a word or two. . .It will be good for you and it will BLESS ME!

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