Horizon Hit: Huge Secret Recipe Give Away


The Post is dedicated to my dear friend Claudia. . .She gave me this recipe and it is one of the most requested recipes I’ve ever done. . .And, yes, it could not be simpler! Ah!!! Mummy! It’s been requested by women’s groups, football managers, numerous sleep overs. I secretly believe it is one of the reasons they keep coming back so by giving it away, I’m afraid they will go to your house instead! But it seems so selfish to keep something so yummy and so easy and so fun to myself. So here we go. . .

Ham Rolls (Great for breakfast or brunch!)
Sister Shubert Rolls (Plain)
Thinly Sliced Ham
Splenda Brown Sugar
Margarine or Butter
Kitchen Scissors

1. Let Rolls Thaw Slightly
2. On large cutting board, turn rolls on their side and slide through carefully so you have two thin halves.
3. On underside of top half, liberally spread butter or margarine on bread, covering completely.
4. On inside of bottom half, layer two layers of thin ham slices to cover all.
5. Sprinkle brown sugar over ham, lightly to moderately.
6. Place buttered half on top of ham and brown sugar.
7. Place back in pan.
8. Butter top lightly.
9. Cut rolls in between with kitchen scissors so they pull out easy without taking all your ham with one roll:)
10. Cover with foil and put back into plastic wrap.
If using the next day, place in frig and bake on 350 until browned. (About 20 to 30 minutes when bread is thawed 🙂
Best part is this is a gem to freeze. Do every thing the same just, write ham rolls and the date on it and you are ready with a great brunch item, last minute sleep over, etc. If frozen, they take longer to bake, more like 45 minutes but still delicious!

Thank you  Claudia for sharing, you’ve warmed many a happy tummy with your sharings!
Now all of you have it too, enjoy, but still direct people back to MY house, please 😉

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