Women: Let God Chose Your Nesting Twigs

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A Robin’s Nest

Open in Prayer: Father God, Build a Kingdom Nest from the nestlings of our lives worthy of Your Love

Dedicated to Jennie Hilliard, I’ve never see another nest without thinking of you, girlfriend 🙂

It was a busy day. Moving Hope to New Orleans and setting her up in a gracious God space, safe and secure in a one bedroom apartment. I was concerned with relational dynamics as everyone was tired, stressed and in that “tight” place transition so often brings in it’s wake. (You know what I mean? LOL). What stepped forward out of the mess of moving, was the Glory of Nesting. I watched Hope set up her living space with care, love and warmth. I was overcome with gratitude she had learned. Learned to love herself enough to chose her twigs with care. Shell Shadow BoxThe first thing she placed was a shadow box God and I created of seashells. Years ago, we had the privilege of being the virgin feet on His scared beach ground washed over from a hurricane. The squeals of delight as we found treasures of deep, scattered like large jewels everywhere we looked. God and I fixed them in shadow boxes for each of the girls as a reminder of the treasures left from a storm. I witnessed Hope’s young hands place it with care in her new bathroom. A strong twig to build from. . .

A Bama girl, Ashlyn, loaded with treasures from home. I watched her love herself enough to make a home away from home. I was concerned with cleaning/disinfecting this dorm room, top to bottom (I’m not kidding, baseboards too, free of germs for my baby). What stepped forward was the moment she answered her phone and a call to meet a friend, quick hugs and kisses and we collected our cleaning things to leave, and she paused at the door frame of her new life, she looked back with a smile frozen briefly in the step of independence and our eyes held the love that grew to let go. . .And her twig came in a text message. She had set up her bed. . .where she rested her head beneath God’s legacy of His son. Her collection of Crosses hung with a careful eye. A strong twig to build from. . .

And so dear sisters, what twigs do we chose to build our nestings of life for ourselves, for our husbands, for our children? What twigs reflect the Legacy of Christ? What are we speaking into our families and our guests with our nests? Are we weaving life in our nestings that will withstand the winds, the droughts, the heated sun, the storms that will sway our life trees to the roots set deep?

God’s Twigs in Our Nestings. . .Think out of the box: A nest is your dining room table, it’s a house warming gift to someone who has lived in the same house for ten years (why not?), it’s a care package to a college student, it’s a new pillow on your daughter’s bed that has your handwritten note on the back, It’s flowers on the bedside table, it’s a dark corner with a candle, it’s opening the curtain for the sunlight to reflect the prism of His refracted love. . . I call these little actions, “nestlings”  (it’s the little things that have Kingdom Significance as we “nest” our Father’s love into our lives :))

Strong Twigs to Nestle into Nest of Life . . .

1. Prayer, carried so close it’s like a heart prayer pocket
2. Life Lessons: tied to God’s Goodness, make written notes, photographs or a simple craft. Tangible things that we can touch and share.
3. Sacrificial love: If the love “costs” you in a redemptive/positive way, the stretch is good for your heart
4. Beauty: Tucked within spaces to inspire beyond the black and white, into a world, painted with His palate of joy.
5. A Smooth, Sheltered Edge: To make successful launches with wings made to fly.

 Click to Watch the Journey of Three Baby Robins


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