Sunday’s Show Case of Truth: January 27, 2013, late

The Door in the Air, The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian, Harrison Gregory-Wiliams Click for music link!

I wake up Sunday Morning, and I hear God say, one image/one thought/one Truth. “But they will be disappointed, they expect a treasury of your riches.” He raised, only one eyebrow at me. He has never used that expression with me! It was laden with humor only He can get by with on me, but it also had that omnipotent air of. . .”YOU question me?” A few minutes later, I received confirmation. I got a text from our partner in Truth. Her eye of beauty that selects images and matches them with His Truth for you and for me. The text read. . .”So, He gave me some beautiful pics that I worked in this weekend. Several He said, “you are going to send only one at a time.” I explained that wasn’t part of our arrangement. LOL. But there are a few that after I stared at them for a while I realized they were better as stand alines. 🙂 I guess HE knows better than me. ;)” This post is a dynamic duo. Four hands work the keyboards and work with Him on your behalf. She gives me ideas, He forms the text, I share feedback, she seeks more. . .And so here you have it.

Your ONE offering with the greatest of love. . .It is HIS Sunday Postcard in the mail for you. Don’t forget to “pin it to your bulletin board” up high, as a reminder. . .where do you and I lift our eyes? This is one huge door, let your eyes take in the massive structure of it’s weight of Glory. Look up to even find the key hole that invites the key, He placed mysteriously in your hand the other day. (God loves a great mystery!) If you don’t open the door, and push through the thick, boundary of it’s frame, how will you ever know what is on the inside. . .


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