Dear Papa, January 30, 2013

Love Letter to Papa

Dearest Papa,

It’s a cloudy, rainy day today. (I guess you know that ;)). I’m grateful to be awake and writing to you this morning. What do YOU think about us sharing our sacred space with our readers? “Are you up for the challenge, little one?” “It feels scary. . .But then most of our ventures feel risky to my heart.” “Up to you,” as He shrugs His shoulders. (I could feel the my concept of risk and His differs, just a wee bit :))

Women’s Conference Workings has been a struggle this year. I’m so much more of who I was, yet I cannot serve as I did. (Crocodile tears) I am not the same fit and it hurts in ways I cannot even begin to place into words. You know. . .In the growing pains, you still come through for me with “I will make all things new.”

I can’t wait to tell you about our newest Conference venture. You know already, so why do I feel such sense of anticipation in sharing them with you? “That’s how I feel about your heart for our work, so. . . talk to me. I can’t wait to hear from you. . .”

Papa, guess what?! Last night, I learned a new craft that reflects Your hand. My friend, Janet, taught me how to make wonderful, full wreaths with netting and flowers. They are the colors of our Women’s Conference, to come, at our church. . Conference Wreath.It was precious moments with our Design Team, smiles and desires to reflect your Hand of Masterpieces. Your love warmed my hands and my heart in creating for You. After I relaxed just past the learning curve. . .I could feel the energy of the Holy Spirit flowing from You to me. Does it get any better here than that mysterious dynamic?

Here comes the tender part Papa. . . with legs sluggish to move and a heart full of desire to serve and design Kingdom workings with You and my hands more than willing to create with you: Now, the tears of gratitude for hands and arms that can love and move and serve in small ways that renovate your Kingdom Workings in my heart. I feel closer to you because of this opportunity you offered through Janet and our Design Team. I’ve never taken these Conference offerings for granted, but now, Papa, the richness of You rises to the top like the cream rises to the top of milk. The awareness of privileges in You are BIGGER, BRIGHTER and BETTER than they have ever, ever, ever been.

I imagine Your Hands lifting my words off the page, giving them Your life and cradling then near your heart, to give them the warm intimacy of your love. Papa, I love you. Thank you for Janet and a Design Team for Your Heart and our Body of Christ.

love, your t-bird

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