Dear Papa: “Sit With Me”


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“Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 18:4

Dear Papa,

I see you there waiting for me. I keep dancing around you. You watch me with curious delight. I play hide and seek behind the columns. You lean and turn in response. ¬†I pick ¬†flowers, wondering what your favorite color is, not knowing, I pick mine and find every yellow bloom in sight and lay them at your feet. ¬†This brings a charismatic smile to your face. It was so easy before. . .to settle into Your warm embrace. . .and Your goodness kept me there. . .lingering in the love! Stillness does not settle comfortably today. Or yesterday or the day before that. . . I keep my distance slight for I need to see You at every moment of time that ticks through. . .”Papa,” I whisper, “What is it about pain that keeps me away? I’m afraid of Your touch, Your words, and my own heart. Everything on me is so tender. . .” “Do you assume, with Me? Do you assume, I will intensify your pain?” He comforted.¬†“I’m afraid of me with You,” I whimpered. “I know, I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to move your pain, I don’t want to press in, I just want you to BE with Me?” He asked with everlasting patience. I hesitated. I looked quickly into His eyes, to get a reading on His heart and I shifted in my own shadow land. The sunlight crossed His lap. I moved into the rays and found myself resting quietly on His lap. As promised, He said nothing and made not a move into my woundings. He just allowed me to be. . .and be. . .and be. I noticed how still He remained. The only thing that stirred our stillness was His deep breaths and my shallow ones. ¬†I resisted the urge to jump up into my antics again. His indulgent presence began a slow melt of stiff defense walled around my pain. . .”I’m sorry Lord, this might take a while?” I sighed, apologetically. “I have eternity, He winked.”

Guest Submission: The Vacuum


Today, our post is dedicated to our friend, Brent and his honorable ¬†practice of law within a strong heart for our Christ and in friendship. . .Please read Brent’s amazing submission below. . .

The entire day yesterday with the FDA, was devoted to ALS hearings on drugs and research. Yesterday, I was so on edge, I could barely stand up. All of my energy, and prayers were directed to this group of strangers making decisions about the quality of my life through what the FDA allows in research and medications with ALS.

I have meet and personally know Stephen and Barbara Byers,, that devote their lives for the promotion of treatments and a cure. They lost their young, and only son to this horrific disease. Now they travel the world, visiting clinics in search of the best the world has to offer ALS patients and they report to us monthly. Please visit and consider supporting They make strides every day in collecting information for our benefit. They traveled to DC to speak, personally on behalf of all of us yesterday. Knowing they were there, gave me a sense of a personal, potent presence speaking boldly for our needs. Thank you Barb and Stephen for making a Kingdom of difference in forging a pathway to a cure. . .Thank you!

I also, submit a heartfelt thank you to a wordsmith of law and the righteous perspective, to Brent. Brent submitted the following “comment” to the hearings yesterday. His words moved me deeply with gratitude for his time and law expertise in his submission. See it here below. . .Thank you, Brent!!!

“In a vacuum, the need for thorough and expansive testing of any medication or drug can not be underestimated. Nonetheless, things rarely, if every, occur in a vacuum. While tests are run determining the lifesaving value of medications, lives are lost for patients who have been waiting for those medications, in many instances, for decades. At the end of the analysis made by the FDA, a decision will always have to be made comparing the potential benefits of releasing a medication to the public against the potential harm of that same release. The basic truth in the world of economy that risk generally precedes reward is often evident in the drug industry as well. How much of a risk is a lawmaker or bureaucrat willing to take to gain the reward of saving the life of one of their loved ones. Obviously, in this day and age, no evaluation can be made without weighing potential legal consequences. Efforts by the plaintiff’s bar to bankrupt companies and pursue claims well beyond what is fair and equitable is stunting ingenuity, creativity, and entrepreneurship with respect to the development of cutting edge drugs in America. The person and or persons making the decision to withhold potentially lifesaving medications from people truly in need, should picture a loved one laying in a hospital asking for the medication. Weigh those odds and see if you come to a different answer than you have before today. I suggest that you will and you should. “

Today, I Need YOU!

The FDA is meeting all day today to conduct hearings on ALS drug and research regulation. Pray NOW, for their eyes to be opened and for pathways made to get us medications so needed. Pray for “compassion clauses” to be made for ALS patients. Pray that the medications that show promise do not have to go through lengthy testing before we can get some life-giving measure!

Please submit an electronic comment , TODAY through March 25, on my behalf, on behalf of the 30,000 affected in the United States and 5,000 new cases each year ask for:
Safety trials that take into account the rapid progression of the ALS disease
Drug regulation that gets medications into the hands of the patients, sooner not LATER
Funding and Accelerated Resarch
“Compassion Clauses” for ALS patients that allow us to try new/experimental/promising drugs
The impact of the disease without medication treatment

Take a few moments: You can comment now: Click top right button “Comment Now”

Numbers speak!!!  Just a few words from you or me may make a life of difference in the future of this disease!!! Thank you!

Sunday’s Showcase od Truth, February 24, 2013

I’ve walked the oceanside just like that, with the wind whipping my hair against my face. The sea spray splashing with such power it wet my clothes. The water so wild with churning it was washing bottom sands ashore. I’ve felt at home there, as I whisper to the waters, “rage on, I know just how you feel.” It offered comfort to see heart responses reflected in nature. It just helps me to know that nature mirrors the human heart. Nature does not “hide” it’s “moods” behind a screen. It plays out for us to see and experience. Certainly, it can wretch terror, in hurricanes, floods, tornados, and tsunamis. It’s interesting that prayer rooted itself in the turmoil of the seas.

This I can tell you about our God. The sea can roar and thunder down it all it’s rage, but even the slightest, weakest whimper of prayer, rises high above the noise to be heard ringing the halls of His attention. Rest in that. He hears your prayers. . .

“Papa, My prayers are slight today. Without gusto, perhaps, low in confidence, but I”m still here. My voice still reaches in. . .Holy Spirit speak for me with confidence. Amen”

My Praise Cloud:

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord Psalm 150:6

Praise Cloud, 2013

The praises came all night long, as I slept on them. . .I hope you have a list of your own. It’s interesting how small shifts in thinking and obedience to God’s Word turns our heart toward the SON, even on a rainy day! Thank you, God we will have to do this again, very soon. I love you!
It’s fun to make wordles at¬†(link)

Bookmarked: Cross Roads, Wm. Paul Young

Okay, this man can really write. I read The Shack and could hardly get through the pain in the beginning. I had to skim it because I sink so deeply into words, my cells respond, literally. Now here I am immersed in Mr. Young’s words and i want to share these with you as they struck as deep chord within the silent song of my life that longs to be sung. . .

Page 41, Jack, explains to Tony, how he “knows” him. . .
“Knowing is quite layered. Even our own souls we hardly apprehend until the veils are lifted,
until we come out of the hiding and into the place of being known.”

Page 47, Tony struggles with his reality of separation from God.
“Tony, you would experience a sense of separation, because separations is what you thought was real. Real is what you believe, even if what you believe does not exist. God tells you that separations is not true, that nothing can ‘really’ separate you from the love of God-not things, behaviors, experiences, or even death and hell, however you choose to imagine it but you believe separation is real, and so you create your own reality based on a lie.”

What is Real?