Music Speaks a Language of the Heart

True gifts from God are timeless. What I mean by that is. . .the gifts grow as opportunities are pursued in His Name and Glory. They are not perfected here, but in eternity, I believe we will see a piece of art from our home and see the dimensions fulfilled beyond our greatest imagination. I believe we will taste our favorite family recipe around His table and our taste buds will finally awake to the perfected flavor of His love. I believe our favorite song that ministered to us will sing into the depths of our beings until it resonates on a cellular level.

So, let’s talk. Eye to eye. Hand to hand. Heart to heart. Chairs facing one another in front of an outside fireplace, snuggled under an electric blanket, and I tell you. . .I’ve been waiting. . .to share this with you. There are some things, that wait for the right moment. They are too sacred to try to squeeze them into our time frame. It’s communion with the parts of our lives that reach into eternity. It’s communion with the way we are designed to receive God’s gifts here. It’s communion that enlarges our hearts to receive the goodness of God from another. These are moments that change lives, grow relationships to new levels and sing into God’s eternal: Thy Kingdom Come. . . .

Outdoor Fireplace at night

And so I say, “I’ve waited to share a piece of His Kingdom with you. With 8 years of violin orchestra experience, and choir in school and at church with musicals such as Godspell and Celebrate Life, it was music that awakened me to His love. It was music that calls/called me into worship. It is music that calls me past pain and fear, out of numb existence of a disease that presses in on ALL sides 24/7. . .into feeling the passion of His creation in me. I went to this music concert at the theater, Josh Groban, All That Echoes, (Showed at over 500 theaters in the country) and the goose bumps started before I even rolled into my seat. I heard God say, ‘Good girl, you came.’ I watched back scene shots of Josh in production and sheet music sing. I watched musicians play their hearts out on close up screen shots. I watched the ease and intense detail of the creative process and fell in love again. Isn’t that what life is, moments of falling in love all over again, in the best sense of our heart’s here? I was not falling in love with Josh Groban, although at 31, he is pretty cute and I might admit to a small, crush. Sorry, sweet husband! I heard God say, ‘This, sweet love is for you.’ I was out of my seat, in the first measure of string, staccato and flying all over the theater. . .No way to stay in my skin with this moment. This is my moment of BRAVE by Josh Groban. How does he know? How does his young 31 years of incredible talent reach through a screen from a live concert in New York City and call my weary heart into full life? How does God do it? Really? Gift bow and violin with soul music that comes as close to perfection here as I’ve ever known? And I ask you, in your chair, next to mine and the warmth of a fire on a cool, winter evening . . .May we pray? God thank you for the moments that call us awake to the full heart of our lives. . .No matter the circumstances. . .Our hearts are made for passionate living. . .You called me up again. . .Wake up, Wake up, the sun can not wait for long. . .Reach out, reach out before it fades away. . .You will find the warmth when you surrender. . .Smile into the fear and let it play. . . . .You wanna run away, run away and say it can’t be so. . .You wanna look away, look away but you stay cause it’s all so close. . .When you stand up and hold up your hand and you face what I don’t understand. . .Amen. And now, may I share this song with you:  a piece of my heart you gather into your knowledge of life and who I am in Christ. Here we go. . .

I offer to you, since we are all so different, two different venues to share this “Kingdom Come” communion time with me. . .If you allow this to penetrate beyond who you are into your destiny. . .this could be 4 minutes in your life that will change you forever into more. . .I’m inspired, to reach a little further into the darkness of the storm and find a new place of “brave” for me.

If you are a relational person view here:

If you are a lyrics person here:

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3 thoughts on “Music Speaks a Language of the Heart

  1. Tracy, that song by Josh Groban was awesome! I can see how it moved your spirit. Like you, music speaks directly to my heart and allows my spirit to soar to such kingdom places. I think of you when I am listening to so many songs. You are forever in my thoughts and prayers.

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