Amazon Adventure

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I am coming at this without any knowledge of this mission trip of twenty into the Amazon by way of boat, other than our family friends (Jeff, Edie, Ben, Lauren and Jon) are traveling there today. I have nothing to offer beyond, my heart of prayer. God tells us prayer is the richest of all gifts we can offer up for His Kingdom and for each other. . .

So here we go. . .Will you pray with me?

Papa God, you have gone before the twenty that venture beyond their homes into the wet threshold of the Amazon River. We ask for your divine favor in travel details, health coverings and Kingdom building for Your Glory. There are lonely hearts, desperate hearts, angry hearts, soft hearts, worried hearts, broken hearts, needy hearts, readied hearts, proud hearts, wounded hearts, hungry/thirsty hearts. . .all around the globe of your creation. This week you come to these hearts with twenty youth and adults who desire to share your love and your son with “strangers” to them, but known to you. We praise you as they travel their way into your part of God’s county to make a difference in lives they may never see again on this earth. Their passions are to make an investment in the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of Your Amazon Village people. We thank you in advance of each blessing, grace and mercy YOU will pour abundantly. Boundary the missionaries with safety and enlarge love’s boundaries to embrace more of YOU for the called twenty and for each and every villager they contact. May Your Love have it’s Victories! We offer in the name of Christ, Jesus. Amen

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