When Is “It” Enough?

What is your “it?” When will you finally get that vacation? When will your kids get out of diapers? When will your best friend find time for you? When will God answer your prayer? When will the pain go away? When will your marriage give you what you need? When will your obedience be rewarded? When will the doctor call with the test results? When will you get that raise, you deserved three years ago? When will you have time to follow your dream? When will your prodigal son/daughter come home? When will they notice all you do? When will the betrayal finally end? When will you feel like you fit somewhere? When will life get easier? When can you retire? When will they find a cure? (I am not making light of any of these questions, my fingers even feel heavy as I type them out on the page!) They questions go on and on and on. . .

God could answer all those “whens” in your life today, would it be enough? You might think so, but is anyone or anything ever enough? Every time something is obtained or given, we move our sights onto the next thing. Every completion or success, we move up our sights up to the next level. Every resolution, and their is a new problem just tearing us up inside.

It’s sounding bleak, but in Kingdom Thinking, it is our makings for more. We are created for more than we are, more than we have, more than we know. Being made in God’s image, creates in us a desire for more than the status quo. Being made in God’s image, creates in us a process of constant growth. Being made in God’s image, creates in us a momentum toward perfection.

You see, perhaps the concept, of it being “never enough” is seen as “greedy.” But, in a Kingdom Perspective, it is a God-given drive to Him. It is a God-given drive for restoration of the Garden of Eden. It is a God-given drive for relationships built in the intimate image of the Holy Trinity: Father/Son/Holy Spirit.

Can you and I be content with our need for more of whatever “it” is? Can you and I expect enough to never fill the bill? Can you and I accept that completion is not something that happens here? Everything and everyone is in process until Christ comes again and establishes Heaven on Earth.

Can we surrender the search for “enough,” and allow more to claim it’s Victory in the making of a Kingdom in our heart? It’s a calling to be content in all our circumstances of never enough. I’d love to tell you, I’m there. I’m still searching for enough vitamins to slow this disease down. I’m still searching for enough sleep to see my husband fully rested. I’m still searching for enough time for friends. I’m still searching for enough strength to stand. I’m still searching for enough love, to see my girls through this with a legacy of liberty. I’m still searching for enough “ministry” involvement to give me a sense of purpose. I’m still searching on QVC for “comfort” clothes that resemble my “old self!” But, I hear the call. . .

Enough is never enough, because we are created for more in our God. May we pursue more together until the completion of our Christ? Let’s be better than just okay with never enough. . .Let the need for more, be God’s Victory in our life.

Let’s create a new title for this post: MADE FOR MORE

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8 thoughts on “When Is “It” Enough?

  1. I couldn’t help reading all the way through until the last comment. Again, Tracey, I so appreciate your encouragement and transparency. I love seeing your post in my inbox and many times have gotten lost in the Word, story, recipe, pictures, etc. Today it was in your most recent post and the comments.

    Even the comments went right along with the Made for More. Another victory…more love, more peace, more encouragement all through a Holy Spirit inspired conversation that will not only have an impact on both of you, but your readers as well. As we read this, we are inspired to love more, forgive more, and encourage more…which brings more peace, more restoration, etc.


    Now to him who is able to do exceeding abundantly more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, Ephesians 3:20

    • Hey Marguerite, Thank you for your kind, hand written snail mail. The encouragement, came just at the “right” time. What a “sweet spirit” God uses through you! I cannot tell you how much it means to me, as people comment. The transparency is risky, but I love our Lord so deeply, any other posture would not honor HIM, my husband or my girls as the “observe” this trial. It is meant to reach to them, far into the future, as young women as they grow and learn about their Lord and the Body of Christ. In the present, it weaves us together in His Truth and builds intimacy and trust in the journeys we share. It is through our vulnerability, that “more” of HIS life is offered. It’s painful growth, but it offers a depth of Kingdom Building that is so desperately needed for our hearts to “expand” territories toward HIS Hand to us. Love you much, in expectation of “exceeding abundance.” love, twe

  2. Joey, that is soo good to know, that you don’t remember it! You have a very gracious memory, to only remember the best things. Yes, it was meaningful as well for us to be there for you 🙂 And that note to Hope for the tooth fairy for soooo cute! Oh, how often in our parental fatigue, we forget those teeth that just kept falling out of four girls! Every time we turned around, another loose tooth! I use to have to feel the girls, I had been up too much during the night and scared the tooth fairy away! I did keep late night hours! Yes, I do have peace, since I asked forgiveness for something you’ve forgotten. Thank you for blessing me. . .Our God is so good! Whew! No worries on meals or visits, no pressure! But yes, we would love to see you one weekend 🙂 Faithful blessings to you and yours!
    In His Love and mine, twe

  3. Hi Tracey. First let me say that I love reading all your blogs. You do have an amazing gift of expressing yourself with words. I gain so much strength and courage from you.

    This blog reminded me of something that we discuss a lot in my Bible study. We need to be constantly growing and changing and developing our relationship with God. If we are satisfied with enough as you said then that means we aren’t growing in our relationship. I tend to want a quiet and routine life with no bumps along the way. But I’m learning that that is not what God wants for us. He wants us to have bumps and valleys so that we will continue to grow in our relationship with Him.

    With love in Christ

    • Hey Joey, So great to hear from you! I did not know you had been reading. . . I’m glad some words blessed you along the way! Yes, he gives us plenty of bumps and there is a bump in our past, I’d really like the opportunity to resolve. . .May I take a risk here to ask your forgiveness? I’ve almost called you so many times and just did not do it! Ugh! And now my speech is hard to understand on the phone. . .So you remember my transgression? When I made a huge mistake on a “Ladies Night Out” for our Sunday School Class? It caused you such pain, in such a tender place in your life. It was not intentional, of course, but it was insensitive. I am so sorry! Please forgive my ignorance and action that hurt you :(. When I heard from you, I heard God “chuckle” and say, “Ah, hah, now you’ve have an even better opportunity here with her and your readers!” So, I’m sorry, sweet friend!!! Do you forgive me? twe

      • Tracey – It is great to hear from you. I can’t believe you have been worried or thinking about something for so many years. I’m not sure if you will find this comforting or not 🙂 – but I have no idea what you are talking about. All I remember is that when I was going through a rough time, you and Bucky were always there for me. I have told people often over the years that y’all welcomed me into your home. I remember using my paper to write a note to Hope from the tooth fairy, and I remember you fussing at Bucky for serving hamburger helper for dinner when I was there. I have nothing but fond and wonderful memories of you :). I hope that brings you peace and comfort. And I certainly forgive you – I know you would never intentionally do anything to hurt me or anyone else.

        I would love to come visit you one day. I feel bad because I often think of coming to visit and cooking you a meal but the hustle and bustle of life always seems to get in the way. So – I owe you an apology as well. Now that we have gotten the apologies out of the way – I would love to stop by and visit. I teach so maybe I could come visit after school one day or one weekend.

        Always friends :),

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