Under His Care. . .

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Image Found:

God’s Goodness: Our minds thrive on it. Our bodies crave it. Our spirits drive us to it. So often it is the animal kingdom that offers just what we need, just at the right moment, in just the right way.  Thank you to my dear friend Connie, for sharing this story with me! Thank you to Bob and Georganne Lenham of Wild Rose Rescue Ranch in Texas for bringing the Noah Story to us!!! Thank you, Noah the Dove, for exhibiting God’s goodness for us to witness. I read that the wildlife refuge has a book, coming out soon, on Noah the Dove. I want to meet the person that so astutely, named this pigeon!

On a personal note, this tugs at every mommy fiber in me, and there are thousands, maybe zillions of them stitched through every inch of me! It also speaks ever so quietly, of how God gathers those in need. You don’t see Noah making any grand gestures or loud noises to call attention to himself. Noah, just does what good mother’s do: gathers and nurtures her babies. Noah, just does what we are called to do for one another: gather and nurture in our Church bodies. Noah, just does what God does best, tucks us in for a good night’s rest. (The writer in me could not resist a good rhyme!)  Click on the short link below and turn up the volume to hear the commentary!  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Under His Care. . .

  1. I came across this by accident trying to get on my website. I would like to know how you were able to use my photograph without permission being that there is a copyright on it? I am grateful that you did acknowledge my site as the source, but I am still curious.
    Thank you

  2. Mrs. Tracey – love love love this… thank you for sharing it with me / us. God’s timely always amazes me :^)
    Thank you Mrs Tracey for “exhibiting God’s goodness for us to witness”, and to read and to take in. Thanks for being you.
    In His Love and mine, Onalise

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