A Three Way Tie: No Surprise There

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Dear Readers: So what is God up to with this triple dynamic? Your clicks on Sunday’s Showcase of Truth, selected the three Truths that also pierced my heart with stitches in woundings toward headings. You may not see the inner workings of your body healing a simple scratch. . .a small miracle of profound proportions. You may not see the woundings on your heart. You may not see God coming at you, oh so tenderly, with a divine needle and thread to close the wounds and promoting healing.

You may not see, but you feel the “stick” don’t you? It’s for our good, you know. Pain gets our attention, doesn’t it? For He works all things for good with those called to Him. (Romans 8:28)  So today, we will look at my first “piercing.”

Proverbs 12:28 In the way of righteousness is life, And in its pathway there is no death.

BibleStudyTools.Com: Strong’s Number Research/Hebrew (Old Testament writings) on key words in the Pslam 12:28 Verse of God’s Love Letter to You:

“way” Strong’s Number: 0734   Transliterated English Word: ‘orach  Definition: way, path, the path, way, passing of life, way of living, traveller, wayfarer

“righteousness” Strong’s Number: 06666   Transliterated English Word: Ts@daqah   Definition: justice, righteousness of judge, ruler, king of law, of Davidic king Messiah, righteousness (of God’s attribute) righteousness (in a case of cause) righteousness, truthfulness, righteousness (as ethically right) righteousness (as vindicated), justification, salvation, prosperity (of people), righteous acts

“life”   Strong’s Number: 02416   Transliterated English Word: Chay   Definition: living, alive, green (of vegetation), flowing, fresh (of water), lively/active (of man), reviving (of the springtime), relatives, sustenance, appetite, revival, renewal, community

“pathway”   Strong’s Number: 01870   Transliterated English Word: Derek   Definition: way/road/distance/journey/manner, road/way/path, journey, direction, manner/habit/way, of course of life, of moral character

“death” Strong’s Number: 04194   Transliterated English Word: Maveth   Definition: death, dying, Death (personified), realm of the dead, death by violence (as a penalty), state of death, place of death

So, let’s get personal with this. . .if we are living in the best “righteousness” we can muster, why does it feel like death? Therein, is the Truth. It feels like death, but it is not death. The pain causes what I call “spiritual amnesia” in that we forget the “chay,” we cannot feel the “chay,” we cannot experience the “chay” of His promise. We must not make the mistake of believing our feelings speak God’s truth. They speak pain, loud and clear. Our feelings need to be heard, processed and embraced. But not believed as Truth. In “our course” of a righteous life, we feel the pangs of what simulates “death” but it is in the midst of “sustenance/appetite/flow of fresh water.” I’ve spoken with friends that experienced divorce/betrayal/loss as death. The depth of the pain makes it feel, no doubt, like death. My heart drops, for the pain of this life. 😦 I experienced death in that “grand round experience” of my ALS diagnosis. (I’d imagined it was a tv program, rather than my life, I was watching unfold.) Even in the numb, strike of cold, harsh reality. . .there was “community” in the young female resident that leaped over the hospital bed to embrace my hands and look into my eyes with “chay/life.” She gave me God’s hold on me, up close and personal and then she moved on to another “rotation.” My feelings rejected her hold, God’s “sustenance” to breathe into the next moment and I held my breath for dear life. But what I felt, did not, could not, does not, today, reject the Truth of the “chay” (my computer is determined to make it “chat!” A vast difference!) on my journey to Him. Feelings are Feelings. I’ll be the first one to listen and lean into your heart. (I spent far too many years, seasick from the swells and dips of my feelings! I did not know it at the time, but I was allowing them to rule me. Now, God is beginning to rule them!) Truth is Truth. I’ll be one to bring the Truth to Light as God allows in the process of pain. Let us not confuse the two.  May we encourage one another to resign our feelings to what they are. . .responses to our circumstances. May we encourage one another to allow Truth to Reign. Encourage the “chay” of life to break through the pain, that is the Kingdom Reality of my life and of your life in the embrace of our Christ.

Clarke’s Commentary on the BibleIn the way of righteousness is life – חיים chaiyim, lives; life temporal, and life eternal.And in the pathway thereof there is no death – Not only do the general precepts and promises of God lead to life eternal, and promote life temporal; but every duty, every act of faith, patience of hope, and labor of love, though requiring much self-abasement, self-denial, and often an extension of corporal strength, all lead to life. For in every case, in every particular, “the path of duty is the way of safety.” The latter clause is only a repetition of the sense of the former.

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